10 minutes at home with Eva Longoria


What is your favorite gadget or device?

It’s usually a kitchen item because I’m a kitchen gadget nerd. I need a food processor. I chop and puree a lot of stuff in there. I need a KitchenAid mixer because not only do I mix a lot, but I also use it as a pasta maker. I use my slow cooker five times a week because I make beans every other day.

Oh, I’ll tell you what gadget I can’t live without: the Pampered Chef garlic press. My Aunt Elsa, who taught me how to cook since I was two, swears by this garlic press. When I moved to Hollywood, my housewarming gift was this little Pampered Chef garlic press, and she’s right. Every time I buy a more sophisticated one, they don’t work. They don’t push the garlic through. This one, you put the skin on and everything, you push it through and it comes out perfect every time.

What is your bedtime ritual?

I feel like I saw a meme about it the other day that looked like your nighttime routine in your twenties versus your fifties. In your twenties, you go to bed with your makeup on and collapse into your clothes, then you wake up and you’re like, whatever. Now I check to see if all the doors are locked, I have to take my supplements, I have to do my skincare routine, I check Santi five times, I watch the cameras.

My nightly routine contains a lot of Santi stuff, like bath time and bedtime reading. Once he goes to bed at eight o’clock, I’m ready to go to bed. The house lights are off. I usually take a bath, I have a bath bomb, I have my lemongrass eucalyptus spray, I have my Epson magnesium salt that I have in the tub. It is a whole. It makes me so happy. I light my candle, then I do all my skincare, and I start taking my supplements because I take so many, it takes about an hour because I hate taking pills. Then I put on my mask to block out the light and walked out. My husband makes fun of me.

What is your ideal bedding configuration?

I don’t like a high thread count, so I’m not a big fan of Frette and all that. I’m a good Target customer for my sheets. I like a cold sheet and feel like a high thread count is hot. It does not breathe and it heats me up.

400 Thread Count Solid Performance Sheet Set

Which room in your house do you prefer and why?

The kitchen, because this is where the heart of the house is. Probably my second favorite room is my closet.

Describe an object in your home that you brought back from a trip.

My prize collection is my serving dishes. I collect serving dishes from all over the world. I have some from Italy, Oaxaca and the south of France.


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