11 Healthy Pensacola Restaurants That Make Healthy Meals a Snap


If you want a healthy meal quickly, you often feel like you have to choose between what’s fast and what’s good for you.

Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants in Pensacola where you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Eating healthy foods is a trend that many local restaurants have embraced. And there are even a few meal prep businesses that have sprung up over the years that will help you stay on top of your weekly goals.

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Although you don’t have to go through a drive-thru to order at any of these restaurants, many offer online ordering. And you can always call ahead to order a pickup.

Primal Food

Where: 3810, avenue Barrancas.

Primal Nosh is less of a restaurant and more of meal prep. It serves the Pensacola area and offers a weekly menu that customers can use to order meals starting at around $7.29 for a breakfast and up to around $12.29 for lunch and dinner options. . Prices are about a dollar cheaper with a subscription. New menus are posted every Friday morning and are available to order until 11:59 p.m. the following Thursday. If you’re looking for a unique meal, you can visit one of two takeout locations at 3810 Barrancas Ave. in Pensacola and 4851 W. Spencer Field Road (inside Fixed on Fitness) in Pace.

Ever’man cooperative grocery store and café

Where: 315 W. Garden St. and 1000 E. Nine Mile Road

Ever’man doubles as a grocery store specializing in healthy foods and a cafe that offers an ever-changing menu of options that will fit into any meal plan. Both places have hot bars where they post weekly menus divided into main foods, vegan foods and vegetarian foods. You can find things like Beef Taco Casserole, Spicy Kale, Easy Mac and Cheese and more.

First watch

Where: 1670 E. Nine Mile Road, Suite A

First Watch is an award-winning restaurant specializing in traditional and innovative dishes freshly prepared to order. The menu offers breakfast in brunch options with rotating seasonal dishes. There are organic, gluten-free, and vegetarian options to work with any diet. The seasonal menu now includes a modern croque madame, corned beef hash, pomegranate pear punch and more.

South Market

Where: 905 E. Gregory St.

A lot has changed for South Market since moving to Gregory Street – a new chef, a new menu and a new space – but the quality customers have come to know and the love is still there. South Market previously offered many allergy-friendly menu items, and the new menu sticks with that idea but expands a bit more when it comes to steak and seafood. dine healthy with its lean meat offerings, hearty salads and more.

Clean Eatz

Where: 800 N. Navy Blvd.

Clean Eatz is a restaurant and meal preparation business similar to Primal Nosh, although not locally owned. There are, however, a ton of ways to customize your experience with Clean Eatz to get the most out of it. There are weekly meal plans you can sign up for, and all the nutritional information is right on the website. There’s a coffee shop if you just want to grab lunch, and takeaway meals, snacks and smoothies are also available. The pricing model is based on five-meal increments, with the most expensive offering being around $8.20 per meal.

end of line

Where: 610 E. Wright St.

End of the Line Cafe is Pensacola’s most popular vegan cafe. Meals focus on freshness, health and home. In addition to food, there’s a full coffee bar that also serves drink specials. End of the Line sources ingredients locally and focuses on those that are as organic and GMO-free as possible. People with gluten allergies can also find plenty of options on the menu.

Jo’s… as always

Where: 501 N. Ninth Avenue.

You may know Duh as one of Pensacola’s interior design stores, but did you know there’s a cafe too? Jo’s… as always, a quaint and cozy cafe located on the same grounds as Duh and has plenty of light sandwiches and salads. You can find things like the interpretation of muffaletta (a New Orleans favorite), California BLT, chicken tortilla salad and more.

Cottage cafe

Where: 203 Gregory Street West.

Staying on the theme of quaint and cozy brings us to Cottage Café, a small cafe located right next to the Pensacola Victorian Bed and Breakfast in the original carriage house. The menu is full of freshly made salads, sandwiches, wraps and quiches. Homemade chili can be purchased from October 1 to March 1.

Lunch Bar & Tapas Carmen

Where: 407 S. Palafox Street B

Located right next to Bodacious, Carmen’s Lunch Bar & Tapas is a transparent lunch bar that offers plenty of gluten-free options and lists the allergens for each meal right below. Lunch menu items include chicken tikka masala, stracotto slow roast beef and more.

nomadic eating

Where: 9 rue E. Gregory

Rice bowls and tacos. Nomadic Eats is a food truck that keeps its menu simple but impresses with its flavor. Rice bowls include coconut jasmine rice, black beans, pickled onions, salsa roja, lime, fried shallot, and your choice of protein or vegan substitute. Hot chicken tacos with similar ingredients are also available.

Bodacious Cafe

Where: 407 S. Palafox Street

The Bodacious Shops is a cooking enthusiast’s dream, with a cafe and cafe on the ground floor and a cookware store and class event space on the second. The cafe has a fairly large selection of breakfast bowls, wraps and sandwiches in the morning and flatbread pizzas, salads, acai bowls and wraps for lunch.


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