15 things I wish I had known before renovating my house


I wanted sisal or an eco-friendly alternative, but it turns out that a) it costs a fortune, and b) you have to have completely – and I mean completely – flat floors, which is ours, after a year and half tearing up the boards, hammering them again and filling the gaps with putty, definitely weren’t.

If you have something for your soil at heart, consider it from the start of your project – and the same goes for your garden. Ours currently looks like a combination of the Somme and a construction site – not only has it been used as a huge dumping ground for builders for the last 18 months, but we completely do it ourselves in odd times , so the atmosphere is very “unfinished”. I have visions of a smooth lawn (false will do) and an abundance of roses; my husband used a saw, an incineration tray and a powerful weed killer to attack the elderberry from the ground. We will get there – eventually.

…And try to think of the latter at the beginning

We are now able to extract the rubble from the garden through our very narrow, newly decorated hallway. If we had been really smart, we would have done the heavy lifting in the garden while the rest of the house looked like a building site. Now, we just have to be very, very careful when carrying the bags of rubble, dirt, and miscellaneous trash through the house.

Shop and mix it up for decorative elements

As with carpets, by the time you get to the move-in stage, the money will be extremely low, so this is the time to be smart, because this is also the time when the fruits of your labor will come together, and you want them to. be pretty. I bought all the fabric for my curtains from a factory outlet near my parents’ home in Yorkshire (Waltons Mill Shop – they are brilliant) and had them made by a seamstress which was much cheaper than it was. anyone in London, where we Direct.


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