2022 NFL Draft prospect profile: Texas A&M Aggies OL Kenyon Green


The Cincinnati Bengals have done a great job improving the offensive line this offseason, but they still think they’ll take at least one more this year. NFL Draft.

One of these options is an all-rounder of Texas A&M. Kenyon Green is big, pro-ready and versatile, making him a valuable commodity in this year’s class. Let’s take a look at him.


Height: 6’4″

Mass: 325

Year: Junior

Age: 20 (21 on March 15)

Position: Offensive Guard / Offensive Tackle

Projected tower: Mid-late first/early second


Coming out of high school, Green was a highly regarded forward and seemed ready to play that position right away. He was a five-star recruit, who had first signed up to USL then changed his mind, settling on Texas A&M, which was closer to his hometown.

Upon arriving at Texas A&M, Green was the starting right guard as a true freshman and was not initially used as a tackle. He moved to left guard from there as a sophomore, then played four different spots on the line last year due to various team injuries.

In 2021, the accolades arrived for Green. He was an AP First-Team All-American and First-Team All-SEC selection, as well as a Walter Camp Second-Team All-American selection. Those awards followed Green’s start to 12 games at four different positions along the offensive line (right and left tackle, as well as right and left guard).


Versatility is one of Green’s greatest values ​​for teams like the Bengals. Cincinnati has long coveted offensive linemen who can show the ability to play multiple line positions in an effort to maximize roster spots.

Green’s best positions are at guard in the NFL, with his strongest and most on his board plays coming from left guard. He’s a polished player and once he gets into a defender, it’s over. Green also often shows high levels of awareness and the ability to seek contact in an effort to assist in blocking.

The versatility gene also stems from its ability to transform into different patterns. Jimbo Fisher runs a pro-style offense at A&M, but there are plenty of zone concepts. Additionally, Green played on the line during a time when an RPO-friendly system was in place under Kellen Mond’s tenure as quarterback. As we know, the Bengals run a lot of zone games in their system, so the fact that Green is exposed and plays well in a number of different looks is a great feature of this potential pick.

Green was also a team captain and is known as a character guy. It’s still appealing in today’s NFL and something the Bengals staff have loved about their players lately.


While the versatility is nice and looks great on first glance, teams would have to be in a really bad tackling run for him to play there. He’s not the ideal size for the outside and has been squeezed in those positions due to injuries along the Aggies line. We again want to praise Green’s efforts in college as a tackle, but while he started there, teams will primarily want him as a guard-only.

The other knock was that Green tested average in pre-draft drills. He was lower on the bench press reps than most would have liked and didn’t burst athleticism elsewhere to make up for it.

Teams will need to rely on the playing board, especially at the guard, for their assessments.


Green could soon create a starting line-up, especially those for teams with open competitions. Teams will like her strip, in general, but Cincinnati will also like her a lot because she comes from the rough SEC.

Some other facets that will attract the Bengals are his character. As mentioned above, Green was captain of the Aggies’ 2021 squad, and we know that’s still an attractive pick-up point for Zac Taylor and Co.

The former Aggies lineman seems like a safe choice, even with lower test scores than some would have liked. He also often mocked another offensive line-hungry team in the AFC North with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With the Bengals heavy inside the offensive line during free agency, Green could be more of an insurance or luxury pick for the immediate future. Cincinnati’s coaching staff has been optimistic about Jackson Carman and D’Ante Smith as they enter their second seasons and the only remaining vacancy on Cincinnati’s rebuilt offensive line is at left guard – a place where the best Green band ensues.

Still, after a costly line overhaul in March, few have the Bengals on the inside offensive line with their top picks. In this case, Green may make more sense elsewhere. If he lands with the Bengals, he’ll be a useful early Swiss army knife player with the ability to break the starting line halfway through his rookie contract, if not sooner.


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