49ers News: Jake Brendel, step up


Everything Kyle Shanahan said the day after the 49ers preseason win over the Packers

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to reporters via conference call the day after the team’s 28-21 preseason win over the Green Bay Packers. all he had to say.

In Samuel Womack, the 49ers may have discovered another fifth-round gem (paywall)

“I just got used to recognizing plays and recognizing what’s coming at me, speed and different runs,” Womack said. “The routes are more complex, what they do at the top of the route, the way they run their routes is definitely more deceiving. I just prepare and get used to it every day and just try to improve myself.

Kawakami: Trey Lance’s QB1 era opens with a slide, a sprint and a successful night (paywall)

” He learns. He desperately wants to learn. He is also extremely talented. And by all indications, Lance is already hugely popular among his teammates. He is not yet a leader of this team, because this title is won over time through hardship and sweat and through the most difficult moments of the regular season and the playoffs.

But Lance is a light-hearted, high-powered star. He is talkative. He is dynamic. He listens to his teammates and his coaches. Interesting things happen when he plays, and the 49ers offense is just more interesting because he’s there instead of Jimmy Garoppolo.

Hutchinson: Projection of what the 49ers roster will look like

“The corner is perhaps the hardest position to assess in general, and without having all 22 training records it’s really hard to know how the players are doing unless you just look at them… A question is whether the 49ers are keeping six here to potentially get huge on the defensive line with 12, maybe keeping Ridgeway initially and then putting him on injured reserve so he can come back later in the game. year, without losing him Seven seems like a safer bet, but it could be more about who they think they can cut and re-sign.

Daniel Brunskill’s hamstring strain: More pressure on a new 49ers inside O line (paywall)

“Brunskill’s recovery schedule likely puts Brendel, who didn’t allow pressure on eight pass blocks, firmly in the driver’s seat to be the center of the 49ers’ first string…It also means the 49ers are now virtually certain to break an all-new trio of starting inside offensive linemen once the regular season begins.

49ers’ Mike McGlinchey and Daniel Brunskill added to injured list (paywall)

“McGlinchey, who went for eight snaps on Friday in his first game since undergoing surgery for a torn quadriceps in November, is suffering from knee irritation that will likely keep him sidelined for at least another year. Meanwhile, Brunskill, who is competing with Jake Brendel for the starting center position, has suffered a hamstring injury and will be out for “a few weeks”.

Samuel Womack makes two choices and argues for role in 49ers defensive field (paywall)

“I just got used to acknowledging what’s happening to me,” Womack said. “The routes are more complex, what they do at the top of the route, how they run their routes, it’s more misleading for sure.”

Thompson: We’re back in the 49ers locker room, and it feels good (paywall)

“Finally, we could interview whoever we wanted and not just who was randomly delivered to us in the interview room. We could ask deep questions, technical questions, random questions and conversational questions.”

49ers stock up, stock drops after preseason win over Packers

“It’s not a referendum on Moore as a player. He’s certainly talented, but Friday night was a huge blow to his chances of starting with solid safety. He got cooked by the rookie wide receiver Packers Romeo Doubs for Green Bay’s first touchdown, and in general he looked like a player still recovering his legs after returning from a torn Achilles Moore should be fine on the road, but it’s hard to imagine starting Week 1 given how it looked on Friday.

What we learned as Trey Lance rookies shine in 49ers win over Packers

“The 49ers made a winning start to their preseason schedule against the Packers in a game that will likely inspire a lot of confidence in where the team is headed in 2022.”

Report: Wilson injury update cools Jimmy-to-Jets possibility

“An MRI on Saturday revealed the 23-year-old quarterback suffered a bone bruise and torn meniscus in his right knee. Wilson will miss two to four weeks, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Saturday, citing sources. .


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