9 Home Staging Tips You Can Try Without Hiring a Pro | Architectural Summary


Create a minimalist kitchen

A kitchen is often the heart of the home, but it shouldn’t look lived in when you’re trying to sell it. Remove everything from counters and the dining table, including food and appliances. But definitely display a bowl of lemons somewhere. “For some reason, lemons are resonating with shoppers,” Bensimon says. Another tip: Your kitchen will smell good for hours if you rub a cut lemon inside the sink.

Define each space

Most people struggle with visualization, so make it easy for any buyer to define each space, Castano says. If you have a room that you use as storage but also as a guest bedroom, for example, clean it up to give the space a unique vocation. If you want to sell it as a guest bedroom, remove all the boxes, buy a clean-lined headboard, clean up the bedside tables, and add some table lamps for mood lighting. All of these touches make the room inviting to potential buyers.

Decorate your sofa with oversized pillows

Big pillows create volume in a room. But avoid cushions with loud patterns. Monochrome shades such as green, pink, yellow and orange work best. Home Goods offers a wide selection of affordable pillows.

Delete personal photos

Make sure your home is free of family photos or your child’s artwork. “Potential buyers don’t want to walk away from you, they want to make it their own home,” Bensimon says. Remove these photos from walls and side tables and replace them with coffee table books, candles or landscape pictures.

You can model rooms after hotel rooms, like Castano did here.

Photo: Shutter Photography

Turn bedrooms into hotel rooms

Channel the vibe of your favorite hotel when you stage your room, Bensimon says. This basically means that less is more – and always use white sheets and pillows. “White creates a clean aesthetic,” says Bensimon. “The most color you want is a single bright pillow.” Adopt the same idea for the bathrooms and choose white towels. Also, remove anything from your bathroom countertops, like shaving cream canisters, toothbrushes, and perfume bottles, they’re too in the way.

Don’t overload drawers and cupboards

Potential buyers will open your drawers and cupboards. Declutter by moving as many items as you can to neatly store and fold your clothes. Organize your clothes by type and use the same hanger style and color in all your closets. Consider adding peel and stick wallpaper to the back wall. Castano says it adds a layer of luxury without the high price tag.


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