A candy-like Victorian house in Washington impresses




Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

A stately Victorian mansion in Port Townsend, Washington is turning a lot of heads on a popular real estate social media page thanks to its beauty and rather low price.

Interior Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

The Starrett House, also named “The Grand Dame”, as listed on Zillow.com, is on the market for $1.5 millionwhich seems like a bargain considering the size of the 11-bedroom, 10-bathroom residence, which was built in 1889. It makes sense that the house was also a bed and breakfast.

Interior Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

Features inside the home include:

Interior Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

Living room Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

With its exquisite exterior and breathtaking interior, fans of Zillow gone wild were flabbergasted – in the best possible way.

Interior Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

“This house has functioned as a bed and breakfast for years, hence the kitchen… was strictly functional. It’s beautiful inside and worth every penny!” one person said.

Bedroom Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

“This is the first one I can say I really love and would totally consider living if I had a million and a half bucks,” another person commented.

Bathroom Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

“What a gem. A few pieces are clearly meant for everyday life or function,” someone observed. “The period rooms (bed and breakfast) are amazing. If I win the lottery, that’s what I’ll spend my money on.

Bedroom Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

“If I won the lottery…” one person said.

Bedroom Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

“This would make the most amazing bed and breakfast. I wouldn’t change a thing!” someone expressed.

“This is my Barbie dream house“said another person on Twitter.

Bedroom Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

Port Townsend is about 60 miles northwest of Seattle.

Outside Screenshot from Zillow/NWMLS

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