A closer look at the ridiculously luxurious interior of the 2023 Range Rover SV LWB


After a full decade, the Range Rover has arrived on the global pedestal in its brand new avatar as the fifth generation version. And like its predecessors, this new flagship SUV from land rover is changing the game by setting new benchmarks among premium luxury SUVs with the long-awaited and well-deserved “all-new” appeal.

Step into the back seat of the Range Rover, and it’s undeniable that it rewrites the definition of a luxury interior for rear-seat occupants. The new Range Rover claims to have one of the most opulent, high-tech cabins you’ll encounter today. Here we take a closer look at the rear seats of the SUV’s best avatar – the four-seat 2023 Range Rover SV LWB.

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The rear seat center console contains more than you can imagine

The four-seat Range Rover SV LWB costs around $20,000 more than its five-seat counterpart, with the extra money getting you a large bulkhead between the two rear seats in exquisite leather. The highlight of this partition is a fully TFT touchscreen in its rearmost part. Using this screen, you can control settings for the seats, climate control, ambient lighting, sunroof blind, rear screens, and refrigerator.

With this screen, you can close and open the housing of two cup holders placed just in front by pressing the ‘cup’ icon at the bottom left of the screen. Tapping on the “table” icon in the bottom right of the screen will cause a folded table to appear from the panel in front of the cup holders. Once it comes out, you can slide the table and open the hinged pieces on it.

The touchscreen also features a “fridge” icon in its second row of icons, using which you can access the closed fridge between the backs of your rear seats. By tapping the ‘fridge’ icon and pressing the ‘open’ button, the fridge door opens, allowing access without a traditional handle in place. By pressing the ‘blinds’ icon, the screen displays the current position of the sunroof blind as a cursor icon. You can use this slider to open or close the sunroof blind or even fix it at the desired position in its back and forth motion.

Touchscreen panel in the rear seat bulkhead fully controls your rear seats

The rear seat passengers are equipped with “conventional” buttons on the interior door panels for the electronic adjustments of the two rear seats. However, the 2023 Range Rover SV LWB has upped the game by offering the same functions (and more!) controllable via the touchscreen panel in the rear seat bulkhead.

By pressing the “seats” icon on the touchscreen, the screen displays the pictorial representation of the rear seats – left and right. Select one of the two individual seats, then you can use several functions such as seat heating and cooling, massage and positioning adjustments.

The seat graphics feature dots on all parts of the seats, including the headrest, lumbar support, back support, recline support and footrests. Tap on any of these dots and change the function settings individually for that specific part. After selecting the footrest graphic, if you press “deploy” you will see that the front front seat slides forward and deploys the folded footrest in its backrest.

And it does not stop there. After the front seat has finished adjusting, the entertainment screen attached to its backrest also adjusts its angle according to the position of the front seat, thus enabling a comfortable screen viewing experience. You can also turn on or off the two screens individually or together thanks to several functions for the screens that you get after tapping on the “back screens” icon. All of this function gives you a lounge-like seating experience like never before in a passenger vehicle.

A whole new experience of ‘lighting up’ and ‘cooling down’ the cabin

The touchscreen in the center tunnel between the rear seats also has a “lighting” tab. Tapping it gives you endless color options for ambient lighting. It also offers options to change the lighting intensity and animations, which can change depending on driving behavior. The “lighting” tab also has a “task lighting” tab as a sub-command, using which you can change the color (warm or cool) and intensity (high or low) of the left cabin lights and straight.

Finally, the “climate control” tab on this central screen allows you to control various functions of the four-zone automatic climate control. Tapping on the “climate” tab brings you a host of functions such as fan speed, temperature, vent positioning and even an air quality improver.

More madness beyond the screens

Rear-seat occupants benefit from additional window-related features on the door panels. Both rear door panels have a set of switches, allowing them to control the sunshades and windows on their side and the other side window. The control panel also features haptic buttons for task lighting, which can be controlled via the center bulkhead display.

The 2023 Range Rover SV LWB continues to retain the SUV’s split tailgate functionality, but in a modern way. The main tailgate opens at the press of a button, and when it opens you can see a split lower tailgate. You can fold it down to create a flat bench you can sit on, party on or hang out in the back of your Range Rover.

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Not only that, Land Rover has adorned this trunk compartment with a unique ‘tailgate seat’, which can be formed by pulling a loop inside the cargo area. This will bring up a seat back, which acts as a backrest for the tailgate bench. You can make it more comfortable by using the cushions under the tailgate seat.


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