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By Ayushi Gaur

We meet the award-winning interior designer at a hotel in the city, hours before the event she traveled to Amdavad for – ‘Decoding Shabnam’ as part of the Designers Institute knowledge series Indian interiors. As we sat down to chat, Shabnam Gupta – who has done up magnificent homes for Kangana Ranaut and the late Irrfan Khan – shared his thoughts on the current industrial situation, architectural trends and gave us insight into his Bollywood clientele. . Analyzing the collapse of the economy during the pandemic versus the rebound in industrial growth rates, Shabnam says, “The entire architectural community has been
busy like never before, and I hope here I am rightly speaking on behalf of the entire industry. The pandemic has made everyone aware of the value of having a place to call home.
It taught us to look within because really life is very unpredictable. Honestly, even during the pandemic, we had been busy with various projects except one in March where a nationwide lockdown was declared. On top of that the work has been like never before till date.
Shabnam, who extensively designs B-Town’s opulent homes, believes that celebrity projects come with equally human home stories, and restoring these is no different. “In my opinion, it’s very important to look at stars beyond their stardom because, under all the pressure they have to exert in front of the world, they’re lovely people. As a designer, that’s my work to get into people’s heads to be able to weave the story of the perfect house.I was also lucky enough to be able to work with different types of Bollywood artists.
“One thing that differentiates celebrity projects is that they probably rely more on me and my instincts, due to their busy work schedules.”
Crushing the idea of ​​choosing one of his most favorite or beautiful projects, the eminent architect-designer smiled and said, “It would be very wrong of me to choose one of my projects as my favorite because that they are all my babies. As designers, we care deeply about every home we create for people. »
Shabnam, who also designed Kangana’s house in the dramatic hills of Manali, fondly remembers the process. “The Kangana house we built in Manali is quite special. Each project has its own story, but this one was quite memorable, especially because it was in the hills and it was a completely different experience. Kangana also gave us absolute autonomy with work, a complete free hand with immense confidence!
The design industry is constantly faced with a conflict between trends and classics. Revealing what weighs most in Gupta’s projects, trends that are hot-‘n’-fresh or personal narratives for her home, she says, “I’ve never been a follower of trends. Charting my own path for my clients, the idea is to give everyone a bespoke space that is aligned with their own personal story. When I design, I make sure that no house is like another, because when we design a house for someone, we inherently give them a space of their own. This space defines their lifestyle, therefore, it must be sincere.
The famous designer, apart from other celebrity projects, also worked on “Krishnaraj”, The Kapoor Mansion for newlyweds Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. Having already been surrounded by paparazzi countless times during her visits to the building, Shabnam is keeping her lips tight on the project. “Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this today. When the house is ready, the world will see for itself.

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• Aditya Chopra, filmmaker
• Rani Mukerji, actor
• actor and writer Irrfan Khan & Sutapa
• Raveena Tandon, actress
• Parineeti Chopra, actor
• Kabir Khan & Mini Mathur, filmmaker and producer
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• Jankee and Nakuul Mehta, singer and actor


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