Accessibility, community and feel-good interiors come together at the fourth house of homes


Denver-born home stylist and design director for a local home staging company Guest House, Bret Sundberg has long known the healing power of a space set up with intention. She also knows firsthand that interior design services feel out of reach for most people in her community. So, in February, Sundberg relaunched his design service side gig, the Fourth House of Houses, into a full-fledged creative network and affordable design studio. Here, Sundberg shares her vision for rebranding and how she hopes to bring the benefits of design to every corner of Denver.

5280 Home: Why is accessible interior design important to you?
Bret Sunberg: Interior design has always been considered a luxury. I grew up on welfare. I didn’t have the right things. But ultimately, good interior design creates a space that makes you feel like you are. Everyone should be able to experience it, regardless of economic status.

5280 Home: What is accessibility like at the Fourth House of Homes?
Bret Sunberg: I offer three main design packages [starting at $150 per room, plus a 30-minute consultation for $30]. I help clients organize their spaces or eliminate clutter; we think about the lighting and the orientation of the room – it really empowers them.

5280 Home: How do you approach designing a space with a client?
Bret Sunberg: I approach everything based on how they want the spaces to make them feel. Do you want to feel calm and relaxed? Do you want to feel energized? When you start there, you take away a lot of the noise that surrounds interior design, all the constantly changing trends.

5280 Home: Your rebrand includes new opportunities for community engagement. What is your vision?
Bret Sunberg: I’ve always been a black designer in Denver, and it’s been hard to find like-minded people in similar fields. Thus, one aspect will be community [interior design seminars and pop-up retail events]. It’s about bringing together creatives and entrepreneurs — especially within the black community, and specifically black women — who have gifts to give.

Save this date
Stop by the RiNo Urban Sanctuary on June 11 for the Summer Art Market, where the Fourth House of Homes will offer wellness products, plants, art, and mini design consultations.


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