Adams continues to clean up state voters lists – The Interior Journal


FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) – Secretary of State Michael Adams has announced that more voters have been removed from Kentucky’s voters lists than were added in October, as his campaign pledge to clean up electoral rolls continued.

November marked the sixth month of this year in which more voters were removed from Kentucky’s voters lists than were added. In October, 6,968 new voters registered and 7,146 were deregistered: 5,908 voters died, 873 convicted of felony, 314 who left the state, 26 who voluntarily opted out, 24 who were found incompetent and 1 duplicate registration.

“Ensuring the integrity of elections is a daily process,” Adams said. “Through vigilance and diligence, we are cleaning up the mess I inherited when I was sworn in last year.”

Adams reiterated that promise during testimony before a legislative committee shortly after winning the November 2019 general election.

“We have both a federal law and a state law that require it, but we have not done so in the last decade,” he told the Joint Interim Committee of the Government of the United States. ‘State November 21, 2019. “We have an order from Judge Tatenhove’s Federal Court here in Frankfurt to clean up the voters’ lists.

A 2017 Kentucky Today story reported that the state had significant problems with the accuracy of its voters lists, a decade after the US Department of Justice warned that many counties in the state had more than one registered voters than those of voting age.

A review of records around this time found that 38 of Kentucky’s 120 counties had more people registered to vote than residents of legal voting age, according to population estimates from the US Census Bureau.

Registered Democrats now represent 46% of the electorate, with 1,637,006 registered voters. Democratic registration fell by 3,225, a drop of 0.20%. Republican registered voters currently total 1,582,317, or 44.4% of voters. Republicans saw an increase of 2,117 voters, or 0.13%. In addition, 9.5% of voters, or 338,217, are registered under other affiliations, which saw an increase of 930 voters, or 0.28%.


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