An Architectural Gem in Quincy: Governor John Wood’s Mansion | Story


The John Wood Mansion, built in 1835, has been saved twice – once in 1907 when it was slated for destruction by the city, then purchased by the Historical Society for $1,700 – and again in November 1973, when the house was closed and repairs due to termite damage and structural deterioration began. The firm Quincy Hafner, Dierkes, Flachs completed the repairs, and architect Jack Hafner submitted plans to restore the house.

In 1974, the Council decided to restore the Manor. Financial problems prevented the project from moving forward until 1976. Restoration experts, including two state historians, Ron Nelson and Jim Allen; Robert Wagner, Illinois Registry Program; Paul Sprague, Historic Preservation Services; and Betty Madden, art curator for the Illinois State Museum, visited the mansion. The Restoration Committee reviewed the consultants’ reports and developed a master plan. Experts would be hired with input from the Decisions Committee. In 1977 contractor Crosby Brown was hired, then architect William Coney of Macomb.

Susi DeClue in the director’s office of the Quincy and Adams County Historical Society.

The Quincy and Adams County Historical Society preserves Governor John Wood’s mansion, the history museum on the plaza, the 1835 log cabin, livery, Lincoln Gallery exhibits and an artifact collection and documents that tell the story of who we are. This award-winning column is written by members of the Society. For more information, visit or email [email protected]


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