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Beshear heads to Stanford to award grants

Posted 3:56 p.m. on Thursday, November 10, 2022

Spear Gaiter

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OGov. Andy Beshear was at the Lincoln County Senior Citizens Center on Thursday to award a $575,000 grant to fund the center’s kitchen expansion and $20,000 to replace sidewalks on Whitley Avenue.

“The work being done here is so important,” Beshear said. “This center provides more than 500 meals per month to the elderly. We wanted to recognize and invest more in an amazing senior center. They served meals throughout the pandemic and made sure no one went hungry and we want them to continue that in the future. We are attached to this community.

The renovations will include expanding the kitchen area, installing commercial-grade appliances, covered service and improved accessibility for people with disabilities.

“The funding announced today by Governor Beshear will allow us to better serve Lincoln County’s aging population,” said Miranda Perkins, Executive Director of the Senior Center. “Our agency serves thousands of meals onsite and at home each month in Lincoln County. This demand has increased considerably with the pandemic; in which our services have never ceased. We are very proud to serve our community. This expansion of commercial cooking and commodities will help us better serve those who rely on our lifesaving programs. »

A total of 200 feet of sidewalk on the west side and 500 feet on the east side of Whitley Avenue will be replaced.

“There are quite a few elderly residents along this road,” Beshear said. “The sidewalks must be in good condition and safe for these residents.

“He invests in every area of ​​life in Lincoln County,” Stanford Mayor Dalton Miller said. “They’re doing the right thing by reinvesting in communities large and small across the state.”


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