Best new romance novels of 2022 so far


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Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, fake dates have turned into something more, and even a hint of good old-fashioned forced closeness – the best love books of 2022 are chock full of all the tropes that blackmail them. this genre. If you love nothing more than curling up with a romantic comedy or even a dreadful romance read, then this is definitely your year. From contemporary love stories to historical romance novels and romantic tales with just the right amount of magic, there is no shortage of books worthy of the swoon.

The best part is, it looks like all of the top authors in the genre are coming up with new books in 2022. Farrah Rochon, Tessa Bailey, Jasmine Guillory, and Emily Henry are just a few of the bestselling novelists who publish novels at read absolutely. com this year. Meanwhile, the award for best player of the year goes to Boyfriend material the author Alexis Hall who doesn’t have one, but of them new romantic comedies in libraries (and e-readers) in 2022.

While we love to see our favorite authors create new couples that we’d love to fall in love with, there are also plenty of exciting romantic debuts this year too. Let’s just say that by 2023, you will definitely have more than a few new writers to add to your instant must-read list. Ready to dive into the best romance novels of the year? Read on for each book that needs to be on your TBR in 2022.


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