Best quotes | Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler and Brandon Staley talk during day two of Minicamp


“It was amazing. It’s the same thing I’ve always done, really. I want to get into this organization, the reason I’m even here is because I was taking advantage of the opportunities “Once you establish yourself in the league, you start to see other opportunities open up. My mindset of taking advantage of opportunities never stops. For the most part, people see it in the field. football but they don’t realize I’m the same guy on the pitch too I tried to broaden my horizons, my value, my network and really plant a bunch of seeds everywhere to give me more options . Really just building and growing. That’s really what it’s all about for me, just I want to build as much as possible for myself, for my family, for the people around me, for the community. It’s all a ecosystem in which I like to implement myself and to which I give all my energy. It is just the way I I am wired. I try e to shed light on these young guys who have been around a couple of years, to understand that football is really important, but it’s not your life. It’s a very important part of your life that can bring so much, but there’s something beyond that, isn’t there? Whether it’s your community, whether it’s yourself. Something you can find value in something else off the pitch. That’s what I spent most of my time doing. Also, I live in the gym, too. It’s still part of my ecosystem during the off-season.”

“One thing that has impressed me is that he’s been in the boardroom these few days. We have a little thing where we go over our scripts before we go out to practice. He’s vocal, he’s in there. He shows that he knows what his job is, things like that. He still makes mistakes. He’s still learning, but as a beginner you have to put a lot of time into rehearsals and just see it. It’s really nothing you can fake in class when you step onto the field. All these guys are going to have to keep growing. I’m happy, Spiller’s voice. He voices his questions and things like that.

On backing up in reverse:

“Let’s go. I want these guys to come. I’m in the front row right now. I want these guys to come and challenge me. Like, let’s go. Bring it. Come on. Come win some reps. This is I want it to be. That’s how they think. My mindset is that no one can beat me here. I’m going to be the most effective on the court. They’re going to want me on the court. time, but I want you to come and win. It’s like me, isn’t it? I had an opportunity and I started playing here and there. They were like, ” Oh, maybe Austin can play a little. That’s the same thing I want to see from these guys. I’m absolutely in my mindset because there are levels, right? There is an individual aspect where I have to take care of myself and make sure that I contribute so that I have value for this team and that I can stay. Then there’s the team aspect where I also want everyone else on the team to be successful so we can win games. There are different layers. mindset about each layer. As a leader, as a guy who’s been around for a while, I have to bring all my guys with me. I need everyone in my room to do their best. Not just for themselves on the pitch, but themselves as a person in general so that they feel like they’ve taken the opportunity and pulled out all the stops. We’ll see how it goes. I will bring this energy. That’s all I can do. It’s up to them to take advantage of it.

On if a total of 20 scrimmage touchdowns “is realistic again” after last season:

“As an individual, it was a pretty good season. 20 touchdowns and 1,500 all-purpose yards. You try to bring that back if you can. For me, they’re never really achievable, my goals that I set for myself , it’s always building on what I’ve done before. It’s all in my perception, whether I’m building or not. It’s always like, “Hey, let’s be more efficient in my fundamentals”, things like that There’s nothing really results based It’s something you always push for but can never achieve Yeah I’d love to get another 20 touchdowns – maybe I get some more, maybe I get less – but do I feel like I’m being effective with the opportunities I get I had a lot of chances to score touchdowns last year, but who knows for this year? We could have [WR] Mike [Williams] popping up in the red zone and he now scores all touchdowns. Who in this situation gets more opportunities? Last year I was the one who knocked a lot of them into the red zone. We’ll see where the cards play.”


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