Brookings Registry | Ervin appointed professor, program coordinator for the architecture program


BROOKINGS — Sean Ervin, a senior executive at TSP Architecture and Engineering, has been named professor of practice and coordinator of the architecture program at South Dakota State University. Ervin brings over 35 years of industry experience to this position.

Based in Sioux Falls, Ervin has served as Chief Architect, Senior Architect, Senior Project Manager, Board Secretary/Treasurer, and Director of TSP, a company founded in 1930 that specializes in architecture, engineering, planning and interior design.

“Sean is an architectural leader with deep knowledge and expertise that will have a tremendous impact on South Dakota State University’s architecture program,” said Pat Crawford, director of SDSU’s School of Design. “Sean will not only take our program to new heights in a key administrative role, but he will be in the classroom and labs with our students, providing them with real-world experiences that will prepare and train them to be the architects of the future. .”

In this role, Ervin will mentor undergraduate and graduate students, lead National Architectural Accrediting Board accreditation, serve as an architect licensing advisor for SDSU students, develop and teach a professional curriculum, and foster and sustain faculty and student success.

“I am honored to have this opportunity to lead the only accredited architecture program in the state,” Ervin said. “SDSU has a rich history of providing students with opportunities to impact communities in South Dakota, the region, and beyond. I look forward to working with our world-class faculty and students to prepare them to become leaders and innovators in architecture and to positively impact the world we live in today.

Ervin will also play a vital role on the new Architecture Program Practitioner Council, a collection of in-state practicing architects who will consult on the program’s curriculum, actively engage with students in the classroom, and offer professional development and student placement.

“The success of our architecture program depends on the collaboration and involvement of leading South Dakota companies,” said Crawford. “The Practitioner Council will be an important tool by engaging and listening to these leaders, we can use this information to strengthen our program. It will also provide a pathway for our students to better learn and understand how the industry works while building important relationships for the future.

Ervin received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Iowa State University and a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. He also holds a master’s degree in construction management from Washington.

Ervin has led the design of several large-scale projects in the area, including the new Vermillion Elementary School, as well as the Midco Aquatic Center in Sioux Falls, the Orpheum Theater Complex in Marshalltown, Iowa, and the Columbus Wellness Center. and Field House expansion in Columbus, Nebraska. He was also one of the designers of the American Indian Student Center on the SDSU campus.

Ervin will help TSP clients and projects transition to other team members as he enters his new role.

Ervin will begin his new role at SDSU on August 22.


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