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Jennifer Lang took the position of Assistant Director of Education (IVP) after Gay Buckland-Murray’s promotion to Principal.

Lang brings 32 years of teaching experience to Carlmont. She has held an administrative position in a college program and has 14 years of experience in the field of school accreditation, making her the ideal candidate for the position. In addition, she finds that the position is perfect for her.

“Because of my background in curriculum design, I enjoy learning how standards influence student learning. I also like to understand how students’ brains acquire knowledge and why people don’t like certain topics,” Lang said. “It’s really intriguing to me if I can get a student who doesn’t like a certain topic to change their perception of it.”

In addition to his broad qualifications, Lang stands out for his outgoing personality.

“I really appreciate how Ms. Lang was able to work one-on-one with teachers who have various concerns and issues on campus,” Buckland-Murray said. “I think she’s done a great job making those connections with our teaching staff.”

Lang explained how she maintains such good relationships with teachers.

“I think helping students is supporting teachers, so teachers feel like they have someone supporting and helping them,” Lang said.

Sara Shayesteh, a biology teacher at Carlmont, appreciates Lang’s efforts to connect with the school community.

“I think our new IVP is really great because it’s very accessible,” Shayesteh said. “I think it’s really important to have a sense of community and to feel like you’re working in a collaborative environment.”

Lang’s inclination to interact with the Carlmont community aligns with the desires of the student population. KAtie Barton, a senior, expressed what she expects from a director.

“I think it’s important that someone in the administration cares about the students and makes Carlmont a good learning environment,” Barton said.

I think one of the things that makes for an effective team and an effective school leader is the willingness to be fun,”

—Gay Buckland-Murray

One of the ways Lang strives to bond with students is by fostering a welcoming environment. His office contains many chairs, cushions and inspirational signs.

“I know some students will come here and see me as an authority figure, so if they see cool things here they may think, ‘Well, maybe she’s not that bad. She might be a little different. Maybe it’s not going to be awful to have a conversation with her,” Lang said.

Moreover, Lang always tries to reach students through humor.

“I think it’s really important that students don’t just see you as an authority figure who’s just getting them in trouble,” Lang said. “As administrators, sometimes we get so caught up in trying to get everything right that sometimes we have to remember to sit outside, laugh, and enjoy the feeling and feeling of the students walking around campus. during the day.”

Although Lang’s extensive education background and fresh ideas make her qualified for IVP, Buckland-Murray believes it’s her sense of humor that makes her the ideal candidate for Carlmont.

“I think one of the things that makes for an effective team and an effective school leader is the willingness to have fun and smile and laugh because we want school to be a place where people like to come. “, said Buckland-Murray.


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