Chandler Mann and Chauvet Professional Balance Light at Holy Cross Lutheran


Chandler Mann and Chauvet Professional Balance Light at Holy Cross Lutheran

UNITED STATES – At best, architecture not only shapes buildings, but also the experience of those who inhabit them. Anyone who attends services at Holy Cross Lutheran would find it easy to agree with this bit of wisdom.

With the gracefully curved surfaces of its sanctuary and stage harmoniously balanced against the angles of its vaulted ceilings, open spaces and light-toned walls, this newly built church, situated atop a hill overlooking the city, engenders a sense of welcome and peace among the faithful.

The chance to illuminate this transformative space was a long-awaited opportunity for Chandler Mann and the team at Covenant Communications. However, it was not without its challenges either.

“This is a very special building with its cavernous architecture, traditions and modern vibe,” Mann said. “I love being pushed to use white backdrops, like the one we have here, with lighting. Black backdrops are fun and have their place, but every lighting designer worth their salt dreams of filling an ethereal space of atmosphere and power.

“Working extensively with white architectural environments over the past five years has really forced me to hand over the reins and trust the artistic licenses of architects and designers,” Mann continued. “They pursue an art, just like me, and I’m honored to help their creations shine.”

42 Chauvet Professional fixtures helped Mann in his quest to support the architecture of the church. This collection included 16 Ovation E-260WW ellipsoids, 12 Ovation F-145WW Fresnels, ten COLORado 1-Quad wash fixtures and four COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 linear units. DMX signals are sent to these fixtures via two RDMX-8 units; and the platform is controlled by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ50.

Suspended overhead in two rows on the triangular ceiling above the sage, Fresnel light fixtures provide soft washes. Ellipsoidal fixtures are also positioned overhead in three rows to provide scene and main lighting, while color rendering washes are positioned throughout the church to accentuate its distinctive architectural features.

All of the fixtures on the platform have the necessary output and focus to work well with the ambient light entering through the church windows, which are cleverly located behind the stage and on either side of the sanctuary in two rows.

“It was really a nice challenge to work in this simple but beautiful space,” Mann said. “We had tremendous support during this process, especially from our friend Greg Labruzzi. One of the things I really liked was the balance between what we were doing and the ambient light in the building. »

Thanks to this balance, the interior of the church achieves an even greater level of harmony, recalling the words of an architect that “light is the beautifier of a building”. His name was Frank Lloyd Wright.

April 7, 2022


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