Design is something that speaks for you: Architect Shreya Mahajan


What is architecture? A power that releases the beauty of a sculpture, sometimes inhabited, sometimes pleasant classics. Either way, it is simply an art and every architect is an artist who creates magic with their creation. Entrepreneur Shreya Mahajan is a talented and passionate young architect from Aurangabad who expresses herself through her designs. She is the founder of ‘Shreya Mahajan Architects’ which started in 2019 and she has received many awards for her amazing work and skills as an architect. She is awarded by Reseal Group with Maharashtra Udyojakta Puraskar as “the most creative commercial and residential interior designer in Maharashtra”. Apart from that, she is awarded among the 10 Most Influential Interior Designers of 2021 by Business Connect within a year of starting her business.

Shreya Mahajan has earned her name as one of the most successful architects in the industry. She has not only pursued graduate studies in the field from the UK, but has also worked with many big names in the field of architecture. So far, she has completed a variety of more than 35 projects all over Maharashtra including luxury homes, renovations, farms, hospitals, offices, spiritual center, showrooms, etc. Currently, his more than 30 various projects are in preparation. Shreya believes in providing the best for her clients. She believes that true art expresses your personality in your creations. She is famous for reflecting the personality of her clients in the creations she makes for them. They feel intimately connected to it. Shreya has a spark and a spiritual touch of Vastu combinations in her designs which makes them more beneficial for her clients.

While talking about his experience as an architect, Shreya says that “every field has its own specifications and scope of work. Designing spaces is a creative field where we can personally connect with clients with a professional touch. Every project we work on is unique in its own way. Market studies, research and methods are different for everyone. Our goal is to leave our mark on every site we work on using different features.

Shreya Mahajan’s business is flourishing due to many promising aspects and one of them is their incorporation of modernization and technology into traditional methods of architecture. They are the one stop destination for all architectural needs of their clients with their qualified services. Other than that, Shreya runs her business with a very positive approach. With the help of a talented and hardworking team, she makes sure to achieve objectives in a zealous atmosphere that only gives the best.

Apart from being the best architect, Shreya also has her expertise in digital illustrations. She is the co-founder of ‘The Happy Envelope’ where they provide the variety of best personalized gift solutions to their customers. Shreya’s love for digital illustrations brought her to “The Happy Envelope” in 2020.

In her global journey as an architect, Shreya Mahajan believes and proves that every design is a new expression with an enriching experience. His journey is surely an inspiration to many.


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