Devin Drew on campus, ready to start his Husker career


It took a little longer in the waiting room maybe, but Devin Drew is on campus and ready to start his football career in Nebraska.

The transfer from Texas Tech had completed some final courses this summer – and was awaiting clearance. The latter has arrived, according to a Tuesday night announcement from the football program Husker. Clearly, the inside defensive lineman will need to be a quick study to contribute right away with Nebraska’s Game 1 just 18 days away.

“I think the challenge with that is that we know Devin is a good football player. He started a lot of football games at Texas Tech. He’s a real peppy guy. We know him. since he was at Iowa Western,” Husker’s defensive coordinator said. Erik Chinander said after Monday’s practice. “The thing with him is going to be getting him here, teaching him what we can teach him. And then when he’s in the game, when he’s early, we might have to pack those calls a little bit to get that that it can. work with.”

The junior’s experiences at both Tech and Iowa Western should yield some benefits.

The 6-foot-2, 280-pound newcomer Husker quickly went from relative unknown to starter and example of how to get things done at Iowa Western. He also started 12 games at Texas Tech in his career, with 34 tackles last season.

The Kansas City native told Husker247 when he signed up for Nebraska that he was eager to help the cause and was also surrounding himself with other transfer additions, which at the time included Ochaun Mathis and would later also add the interior D lineman Stephon Wynn.

“I realized there was a need for me, and at the same time, there were still a lot of key players around me,” Drew said then. “So that was important. And it’s also a lot easier for my family to get to my home games and stuff because I’m a big family guy.”

Nebraska remodeled its D-line interior in May with Drew and Wynn, a move out of Alabama, as they sought to replace Damion Danielsand transfers Casey Rogers and Jordan Riley.

Granted, a good deal hinges on getting a solid production from Drew, which Husker247 thought was high enough to rank No. 17 among the most needed Huskers despite his late arrival and newness to the program.

However, veteran Huskers like Colton Feist and Nash Hutmacher are just as much in the mix to play with Ty Robinson. The passing Feist has certainly positioned himself at this point to possibly start or be one of the first guys in the rotation.

“Whether he’s a starter or the first player in the rotation, he’s done an incredible job with his technique,” Chinander said of Feist on Monday. “He’s a powerful guy, he knows what’s going on, he has good game anticipation. And he can really run for a big guy.”

As for Drew, he’s already shown he’s quick to pick things up. Ask Iowa Western coach Scott Strohmeier.

“He played linebacker for MIKE in high school, at about 235 pounds or something. And he continued here. We put him at the D-end right away,” the coach told Husker247 this summer. . “At fall camp – we have a lot of kids, don’t we? – but he was seventh on the depth chart at a D-end position. And every day during fall camp, they get say, ‘Devin Drew, we moved him, we moved him up. And I’m like, ‘Really? This guy played linebacker for MIKE.’

“But when you train him, he takes the training and he applies it. So he made a mistake, but he didn’t make a mistake after that.”


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