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Project description

Imagined as the mini “Smart City” that represents Dowell’s future innovation office complex, the sales center perpetuates the image and delegation of the architectural concept. Dowell Dima Sales Center is located in Wujiashan New Town, Wuhan, China. Adopting the core value of Dowell, the ‘Smart City’ concept becomes the main approach to shape the entire interior design of the sales center.

Dowell Group commissioned L&P Architects to create an interior for the sales center that conveys the company’s motto of being innovative and smart.

The main design intent of the space is to create a smart and efficient space, a relaxed destination with a gallery of inspiration and to blur the line between visitor and staff interaction spaces. The main atrium plays an important role as the beginning of the experience route that gives the first impression of the space to visitors. Upon entering, visitors are immediately presented with a triple void space with a 180 degree visual link to key nodes on all floors for easy orientation.

The designer converted an existing pillar right in the middle of the atrium space that went from a threat to a signature. The “Smart” pillar visually connects the 3-storey space and is surrounded by key nodes such as an information counter, a temporary exhibition space and an interactive relaxation area. The pillar emerges from a time-traveling platform looking from an information desk to the ceiling of the atrium.

Another “hero” of the design is the large travel staircase. The staircase is positioned just off the main entrance, highly visible and integrated with a mini amphitheater style seating area. The staircase is designed to land in key spaces with the smart pillar. Vegetation adds a sustainable aspect to the vertical course.

The sales center is designed to allow visitors to discover the latest novelties of the establishment and the company, through spaces that can be really converted. For example, the exhibition spaces which are both an interactive co-working space and a space for relaxation. With the integration of the latest touch and virtual reality technologies, the sales office has become the initial model for the intelligent and sophisticated experience of future development.


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