Ephraim McDowell Receives Kentucky Hospital Association Quality Award – Reuters


The Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center (EMRMC) has been recognized for the high quality of care provided to its patients. On May 18, EMRMC received a 2022 Quality Award from the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) for two programs that were recently developed. The KHA Quality Award is given to honor hospital leadership and innovation in quality, safety and commitment to patient care.

One of the programs receiving the award at EMRMC was for their efforts in creating a comprehensive program to effectively transition heart failure patients through various health care settings with a focus on patients who transition hospital care at home and to prevent hospital readmissions. The project included the development of a heart failure care transition clinic for patients recently discharged from hospital, staffed by a pharmacist and an advanced practice provider and the creation of a nursing position Heart Failure Pivot responsible for duties such as education, patient resources, post-discharge insurance follow-up and making appropriate referrals for home care and cardiac rehabilitation.

Through collaborative efforts, the team was able to unify the care provided to provide a true continuity of care process that aims to optimize patient outcomes. For patients enrolled in the program, 80% receive an in-person visit or phone call from a provider or nurse navigator within 48 hours of discharge, 72% were referred to home care for management of chronic diseases, 100% received training on how to adjust a scale and less than 10% of patients enrolled in the program were readmitted to hospital.

The other program receiving the award at EMRMC was related to postpartum hemorrhage. In 2020, ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) released a safety package focusing on proper identification and treatment to follow for postpartum hemorrhage. The package includes recognition, medication, blood bank involvement, action steps, and a massive transfusion protocol. Ephraim McDowell has released a new postpartum hemorrhage policy to identify and guide the steps needed to properly assess and treat postpartum hemorrhage based on ACOG recommendations. The policy outlined staff roles during a hemorrhage, emergency department response, critical care nurses, lab technicians, anesthesia, and proposed interventions for each of the three stages of hemorrhage. Since the implementation of the policy, no adverse outcomes related to postpartum hemorrhage have been reported.

“This award from the Kentucky Hospital Association validates the hard work and dedication of our associates and healthcare providers to provide the best possible care to our patients,” said Dan McKay, president and CEO of Ephraim McDowell. Health. “Health care is constantly changing and we must continually look for ways to improve outcomes for our patients. I am extremely proud of the work done every day across our organization to improve the health of our communities. »


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