Everything Jim Harbaugh told the media after Michigan win over Nebraska


on defense

They receive a lot of attention in our program. Really do a great job. All positions play really well. The linebackers, the interior defensive line are having a great season. Mazi and Kris Jenkins, Mason Graham. Do so well. EDGE guys, there are so many great players doing a great job. They are really well trained. Jesse and Mike Elston and Clink, what he does at the back is really good and really special. The corners now, there’s a nice rotation with DJ and Mikey, Gemon and Will. The safeties, Rod Moore does a terrific job. I wish I had more Rod Moore, this guy is a tackling machine. Put them on the ground. I can’t say enough great things. How they run to the ball, the defense of the team, it was brilliant. Continue like that.

On the status of Donovan Edwards

No, I don’t have an update yet.

If tempted to try different things on offense

I thought we showed different things today. Dropped in the red zone and JJ scores on a quarterback sweep. Blake Corum was awesome on the block, it was a terrific block from him. You have a wide open Ronnie Bell, too, in the end zone. Blake Corum, another great game from him. I think he rushed 140 yards, but there wasn’t a long one. There was no 50 yards today like there was. Just really good, hard, running. It was important for them, so much hard work was put in for the team to be undefeated. So many guys have done so many things. Work so hard. Some guys got bumped along the way. A lot of hard work has been done and I want it to continue. It’s important for them to maintain that unbeaten streak, that winning streak.

On what happened in the playcalling at the end of the half

I was fighting. They had 12 men on the ground. I could have just taken the penalty and it would have been first and five, that would have been the way to do it. Blake ran six yards harder. I turned him down so he got those six yards. It definitely cost us a game because the clock had passed and I should have called a timeout there. In the end, it cost us a game.

Do not use timeouts

When you’re aiming for something on the fourth down, you want the timer to tick in case you don’t get the first down. You don’t want to give the opponent time to get a clock if you don’t make the third try if you don’t make the fourth try.

On play action play for Blake Corum and his block

I did something different, didn’t I?

Getting a quarterback on pace with limited throwing opportunities

Yeah, I mean, it’s valid.

On what receivers can do to help JJ with the deep balls

We were close, again, on a couple today. It was really a very good cover. Some of the deep balls we threw were well covered.

On whether it’s hard to keep running the ball rather than passing it

You balance it. When you get five yards per scope, six yards per scope. It gets hard to just say let’s run it. Put that on me. I will take responsibility that the pass stats weren’t higher than they were. Be happy to be 10-0 and move on to Illinois.

If this should change in the future

We will see. We’re going to do what we think – when we’re on the line, that gives us the best chance of winning the game. We’ve had these conversations before. You can go by plane or you can go by land. Today was the day we chose to go more into the field. George Patton would be proud.

If he thinks about how far the program has come in two years

Just 1-0. That’s what we try to do every week. Really proud. Really proud of the team. The players are the ones who deserve the most credit. They work so hard and they are such a tight-knit group. It’s funny. It is a joyous and happy ride that we are doing. It’s not something, it’s a mission, but it’s a happy mission. Not the one with anxiety or anger or fear. Just a happy ride.

About Gemon Green

Good, really good. I watched it closely on a few of the bottoms. I was really happy to see him back there, happy to see him playing well again. He picked up where he left off after missing the last game with a concussion. It was good. All these turns right now, that’s good. There is depth. Whether DJ is there, Will is there, Gemon is there, Mikey is there. They all play very well as a group on the back end as well as the safeties.

About Mason Graham

Really from the first day, probably somebody come that–he just went to work right away. Appeared in the first two practices, then, OK, it’s in shorts but let’s see how it looks in the pads. Straight into the pads, he was really good. Just a heckuva player in a position where you really need defensive tackles. The fact that he and Kenneth Grant come in the same class, they’re the two guys I was referring to this summer who were gifts from the football gods. They continue to play very well. It really bodes well for our team to have these two freshmen as good as they are and they are freshmen. It’s awesome.


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