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The US Department of Justice has asked a judge not to release the affidavit that gave the FBI a likely reason to search Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, deepening mistrust among top Trump aides seeking insight into the intensifying criminal investigation surrounding the former President.

The affidavit should not be unsealed as it could reveal the scope of the investigation into Trump’s unauthorized withholding of government secrets, the DoJ argued, days after Mar-a-Lago’s search warrant was issued. shown to refer to potential violations of three criminal statutes.

A week ago, FBI agents seized about 20 boxes of material – including documents marked top secret – executing a search warrant referring to the Espionage Act prohibiting the unauthorized retention of information about the national security that could harm the United States or aid an adversary.

  • What is the Am I saying? “The affidavit would serve as a roadmap for the government’s ongoing investigation, providing specific details about its direction and likely course,” the department said, adding that it had no objection to unsealing a page of blanket and a sealing order that would not interfere with the criminal investigation. .

  • What did Trump say? He is asking for the return of some of the documents seized – apparently under the impression that the posts on his Truth Social platform have legal value.

Republicans regret the price of fame as famous Senate candidates struggle

Mehmet Oz trails his rival in Pennsylvania. Photography: Hannah Beier/Reuters

In Mehmet Oz, Herschel Walker and JD Vance, the Republican Party has three celebrities vying for the Senate in November.

The only problem? At the moment, each of them seems on the verge of losing.

Oz, a television mainstay better known as Dr. Oz to millions of Americans, trails his opponent in Pennsylvania by double digits.

Vance, a best-selling author and conservative commentator, is behind in his race in Ohio, an increasingly red-hot state that many expected Republicans to win. The most notable point in his campaign so far was when Vance appeared to suggest women stay in abusive marriages.

In Georgia, Walker, a former NFL running back, is close with Raphael Warnock, the incumbent Democrat. But Walker’s campaign has been characterized by a series of blunders, and this week, on a more serious note, his ex-wife recalled in a campaign ad how he once held a gun to her head. Walker said he battled mental health issues during the marriage and said he was “responsible” for the abuse in the relationship.

  • The difficulties of the three men reveal a problem in the selection of foreign and famous candidates. Each brings name recognition, but in some cases they haven’t been exposed to the glare of the media.

McDonald’s employees say sexual harassment and retaliation persists

Employees say they were fired and written off after reporting sexual harassment to company HR.
Employees say they were fired and written off after reporting sexual harassment to company HR. Photography: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Workers at McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast food chain, are highlighting sexual harassment and retaliation against workers in its stores, issues they say persist despite claims of reforms and changes by McDonald’s these last years.

There are countless examples, many of which have resulted in lawsuits. In 2020, a class action lawsuit was filed against McDonald’s in the United States over systemic issues of sexual harassment in restaurants, representing 5,000 women at over 100 McDonald’s locations. A judge denied the company’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit in 2021.

In April, McDonald’s reached a $1.5 million settlement in a separate class action lawsuit filed in 2019 over sexual harassment issues in Michigan. On July 28, an employee of a McDonald’s in New Orleans, Louisiana filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s for workplace sexual harassment and retaliation for reporting it to management in late 2020 and early 2021.

Workers say they were fired and written off after reporting sexual harassment to company HR.

  • What did McDonald’s say? A spokesperson said in an email: “McDonald’s has made it clear that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Everyone who works under the Arches should be able to report to work with confidence every day in a safe, respectful and inclusive place.

In other news…

Ezra Miller:
Ezra Miller: “I am committed to doing the work necessary to return to a healthy, safe and productive stage of my life.” Photography: David M Benett/Getty Images for Alexander McQueen
  • Actor Ezra Miller broke their silence amid a growing list of legal issues and allegations of erratic behavior, saying they were seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues”.. In a statement, the 29-year-old non-binary actor apologized for any alarm they may have caused.

  • Metal object believed to have fallen from transatlantic jet crashed outside Maine state house, landing with a loud bang just yards from a police officer, officials said yesterday. The FAA says it believes the metal sleeve weighing 6 to 7 lbs came from a wing flap of a large airliner.

  • Scott Morrison secretly appointed himself to five additional ministries while he was Australian Prime Minister, in what his successor called an “unprecedented rampage to the Westminster system”. Morrison is now facing calls to resign from parliament following the revelations.

  • The number of femicides in Italy has increased by almost 16% over the past year, with the vast majority taking place in a family context. Data released by the Home Office showed 125 femicides between August 1, 2021 and July 31, 2022, compared to 108 during the same period the previous year.

Don’t miss this: the fight to save a thriving black school

Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Stacy Davis Gates, center, poses with striking teachers on the picket line at the National Teachers Academy
A picket line at the National Teachers Academy in 2019. Photograph: John O’Neill/AP

Opened in 2002, the National Teachers Academy had become one of the best public schools in Chicago, one of the very few with a high percentage of minorities, a high percentage of low-income people and also with the highest score in district performance. Yet despite its success — a rare beacon for black students in Chicago’s public school system — the district announced, in the spring of 2017, a plan to transition the NTA to a high school that would serve predominantly white families who had moved in. in Chicago’s gentrified South Loop neighborhood. . Let the Little Light Shine is a gripping documentary about a community’s fight to preserve their primary school.

Climate control: weeks of heat above 100F will be the norm across much of the US by 2053, study finds

A construction worker tries to cool off during a heat wave on August 4, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A construction worker tries to cool off during a heat wave on August 4, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photography: Mark Makela/Getty Images

Large swaths of the continental United States will experience prolonged and dangerous heat waves by mid-century, with heat index in some areas exceeding 100 F (38 C) for weeks, study finds alarming. According to an analysis of Washington Post data, nearly two-thirds of Americans, who live mostly in southern and central states, will be at risk from critical temperature increases. The analysis suggests that by 2053, the record heat recorded this year in several states will have become normal.

Last thing: expert makes rare find on UK museum opening day

The oldest complete ichthyosaur embryo ever found in Britain, and quite possibly the oldest vertebrate embryo ever found in Britain as well.
The oldest complete ichthyosaur embryo ever found in Britain, and quite possibly the oldest vertebrate embryo ever found in Britain as well. Photo: c/o Yorkshire Natural History Museum

A 180million-year-old fossil has quickly become one of the flagship pieces of the UK’s newest museum, after being identified as possibly the oldest known example of a vertebrate embryo found in Britain. The Yorkshire Museum of Natural History in Sheffield opened on Saturday, the ribbon being cut by paleontologist and ichthyosaur expert Dean Lomax using a claw. To add to the excitement of the day, Lomax was able to identify that one of the exhibits was much more interesting and important than it might have seemed at first glance.


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