Flagship project: Villa M, Paris


Villa M
Paris, France
1,507 sq. ft. vertical garden, 2,045 sq. ft. intensive green roof, 969 sq. ft. ground floor interior

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Paris, the incomparable City of Love, City of Light, exudes sensuality with its language, art, cuisine, culture, fashion and architecture. Our flagship project, Villa M, is a stunning example of sensuous design with its mix of concrete, glass and steel structure covered in a rich botanical tapestry of living and breathing medicinal vegetation – on its facade and top.

Villa M brings the Amazon to Paris with its Immeuble Tropical. Image: Michael Denance, via v2com

The drivers of this exceptional building are the importance of the physical, emotional and mental well-being of healthcare personnel and biophilia. Dedicated to caregivers but open to all, the will of the owner/designer/creator of Groupe Pasteur Mutualité was to provide support and respite to caregivers, hotel guests and all those who visit and use the myriad of establishments – in their words, “a unique place in the world to build the health of tomorrow.

Villa M Paris

Villa M – top view. Image: Press distribution, via v2com

Biodiversity and urban agriculture are combined in the verdant Villa M with its extensive and manicured landscape selection of medicinal and culinary plantations. Reconnecting with nature, the architecture, design and landscaping team of Triptyque Architecture, Philippe Starck and Coloco have truly created a symbiosis between hospitality, health and biophilia in this visionary and unprecedented mixed-use complex !

Villa M Paris

View of Villa M Street. Image: Michael Denancé, via v2com

Excerpt from the Greenroofs.com project profile:

Designed by Triptyque Franco-Brazilian Architecture, with architectural design and artistic direction of the spaces by Philippe Starck, accompanied by Coloco with the landscaping, Villa M is a mixed-use complex located on Boulevard Pasteur, in the borough Parisian from Montparnasse.

Privileging the disappearance of architecture for the benefit of nature, it is designed as a living organism, a large medicine house surrounded by a medicinal forest thanks to a 140 m² vegetated exterior facade and a 190 m² vegetated roof. Guided by the welfare of caregivers, the program was envisioned by owner Groupe Pasteur Mutualité, who also served as designers. The innovative Villa M program catalyzes the idea of ​​opening up health to the city, and the city to health.

Villa M Paris

Image: By Thomas Guyenet via Coloco and Villa M Facebook

Villa M Paris

Villa M Suite Pasteur. Image: Press distribution, via v2com

Villa M Paris

Picture: Villa M

Although open to everyone, this vibrant healthcare-focused center is dedicated to people who dedicate their lives to saving or helping others. Located in the heart of the 15th arrondissement, the offer includes a restaurant, a bar, a conference space, a check-up space, co-working spaces and a showroom for start-ups in the world of health to promote diversity. , exchanges and mutual aid. between different specialties and different generations of health professionals.

Villa M also has a Paris Society Hotel designed as a cocoon of relaxation, as well as a varied program of physical activities. Its 67 rooms and six suites each bear the first name of a woman or a man who marked the history of medicine or science.

Villa M Paris

Image: ©Triptych Architecture

Villa M Paris

Villa M section. Image: Coloco, via Triptyque Architecture

Echoing the Parisian architecture of the 19th century, the structure functions like a giant metal trellis. Designed as an exoskeleton, the building has a minimalist and light look, composed of prefabricated metal beams. Its architecture stands out for its living building, designed to house medicinal herbs, fruit trees and medium to large sized perennials.

Cleverly arranged in a Botanical Table classified by type of plant and variable height, a total of 93 species have been planted. Trees on the RoofTop Terrace include: Pear, Sweet Cherry, Bird Cherry (European Cherry) and Apple. The verdant soil-based green wall designed by Triptyque + Starck is home to two types of ferns and 65 different species of medicinal herbs, perennials and herbaceous plants.

Villa M Paris

Image: ©Paul Farou, courtesy of Triptyque Architecture

Villa M Paris

Villa M on October 12, 2020. Image: Villa M Facebook

Villa M Paris

Roof of Villa M. Image: Press distribution, via v2com


With its incredible view of the Eiffel Tower and the rooftops of Paris, the RoofTop remains an unparalleled experience as the large orchard seems to touch the sky.

The combination of the facade’s geometric metal structure and its large bay windows highlight the lush plantings that envelop Villa M, which also beautifully brings the Amazon to Paris with its tropical building exuding vertical gardens and lively architecture.

Villa M Paris

Villa M – detail of the facade. Photo: Yann Monel, via v2com

Year: 2021
Pasteur Mutuality Group
Paris, France
Building program:
Type of green wall:
living wall
Single supplier
Cut: 1,507 square feet
Type of green roof: Intensive
System: Single supplier
Size: 2
,045 sq.ft.
Testing/Research: Nope
To access:
Privacy: Audience

Villa M Paris

Vegetation program. Image: ©Paul Farou, courtesy of Triptyque Architecture




Philip Stark




Villa M Paris

Exterior close-up of Villa M. Image: Michael Denancé, via v2com

Villa M Paris

Villa M – Interior view of the window. Image: Michael Denance, via v2com

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Villa M Paris

Image: Triptych + Starck via Villa M Facebook

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