Gauri Khan debunks rumors of diamond-studded nameplate at ‘Mannat’, poses stylishly in front


Shah Rukh Khan is a self-made man, who came to the city of dreams, Mumbai, to make it big one day. Coming from a middle class family in Delhi, Shah Rukh Khan, like any other wrestler, came to mayanagri and said, “I will rule this city someday.” And the universe conspired to make his dream come true. King Khan now rules not only over the city, but over the whole world!

Apart from billions of fans, fame and fortune, Shah Rukh Khan’s home Mannat is the most prized possession of his life. Anyone visiting Mumbai, Mannat is a must visit place not only to see the huge mansion but also to hope to catch a glimpse of the actor. Everything about Mannat becomes news and a few days ago it was reported that Mannat’s nameplate was adorned with diamonds.

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Mannat nameplate

And now the wife of Shah Rukh Khan and designer of Mannat interiors has refuted all the rumors. Posting a photo, while posing in style outside Mannat’s main gate, Gauri revealed what exactly the nameplate is made of. Stating how the main door of a house should attract positive energy, Gauri wrote:

“The front door of your home is the entry point for your family and friends. Thus, the nameplate attracts positive energy…we have chosen a transparent material with glass crystals that emit a positive, uplifting and calm atmosphere. #GauriKhanDesigns.


Gauri Khan is a highly renowned interior designer and has also done the interiors for Mannat. Speaking at an event in Delhi, Shah Rukh Khan shared that the landlady, Gauri, never allows her to disturb the design of their house. The actor also said he was only allowed to deal with tech devices. In his words:

“In my house, most of the things that are bought for the house are obviously bought by the hostess, my wife Gauri. You are not allowed to disturb the design of the house, because she herself is a wonderful designer. But one of the few things I’m allowed to do because there’s this understanding that I know maybe the best tech in the house.”

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Located on Bandstand, Shah Rukh Khan bought the heritage bungalow from Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust in 2001. For the Casa Vogue edition of Vogue India, Gauri Khan said Mannat came to her like a blank canvas that let her grow and grow as an interior designer. . Gauri Khan, along with architect-designer Kaif Faquih, worked on the mansion for almost a decade. According to the star wife, as their family grew and renovations and remodels were made to meet changing needs, this also shaped its design aesthetic.

Gauri Khan

Well, Gauri has certainly cleared up the Mannat nameplate rumors! What do you think? Let us know.

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