Giorgia Dennerlein Loto Ad Project Valle Giulia rationalist residential interior with pop elements


Loto advertising project, the company of architects, designers and interior designers, founded by Gorgia Dennerleinhas completed a new residential project in Rome, in the Parioli district, called Giulia Valley. The interior project concerned a 260 square meter apartment located in an elegant 1950s building transformed into the family residence of a young Roman entrepreneur, owner of a luxury hotel and art collector. The house has kept its original plan, with a large entrance hall from which a narrow corridor leads to the other rooms of the house. The architect Giorgia Dennerlein, interpreting the client’s needs, redefined the rooms by expanding the available space and transformed the residence into a space that was both useful”to welcomeand representative of the contractor’s company. Redefining the apartment, the entrance hall forms a large room with the living room and becomes the central space of the house, connecting the living and sleeping areas. The narrow distribution corridor has been widened and the open kitchen, closed by large glass walls, opens onto it. Defining the different functions and spaces of the living space is left to changes in furniture and flooring. There are various works of art and designer furniture, including items designed by Loto advertising project himself. The interior design focuses on enhancing and reusing some pre-existing elements such as the original floor in the living room and kitchen. Some original furniture and lighting from the 1950s are highlighted by a skilful play of contrasts created for this project by the Loto advertising project studio. Indeed, the elements with a strong pop flavor and bright colors, incorporated by the architect Giorgia Dennerlein, break provocatively with the rationalist style that seems to preside over the interior design, and contribute to making the house “an eclectic ‘container of spaces’ and works of art characterized by contrasting styles”.

(Agnes Bifulco)

Images courtesy Loto Ad Project – arch Giorgia Dennerlein photos by Pietro Savorelli

Project name: Giulia Valley
Location: Rome, Italy
Area: 260 m²
Studio: Loto Announcement Project
Architect: Giorgia Dennerlein
Photos: Pietro Savorelli


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