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The second edition of Homo Faber opened in Venice on April 10 at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

An initiative of the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, Homo Faber champions craftsmanship in all its beauty. The event features 15 immersive exhibits at the Fondazione that reflect the importance of craftsmanship in areas such as floral design, luxury goods, interior design, housewares, paper, fashion and more Again. It will also be possible to visit the workshops of many artisans working across the city thanks to In Città, a program that uses an app to allow users to plan tailor-made self-guided tours. Additionally, the main event at San Giorgio Maggiore will feature live demonstrations by master artisans to showcase their skills and techniques, allowing visitors to meet and talk to contemporary artisans, hear their stories and understand the talent and dedication that their profession requires.

Highlights include a focus on Japan, with several exhibits exploring the exquisite craftsmanship, customs and culture of its master craftsmen, as well as the country’s influence on Europe, a tea house /workspace curated by Tapiwa Matsinde, called L’Artisan: an artisanal tea room, where each object tells a story.

As Homo Faber curator Alberto Cavalli says, “We believe that even in these times of unprecedented change, there is something, and there always will be something, that human hands can do better than any machine – to love and to make with love”. Homo Faber is an event for everyone who shares this vision.

Homo Faber closes its doors on May 1, 2022.





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