How to think pink in your interior


Barbiecore has arrived as the inner trend of the moment for all of us who’ve played endlessly with Barbie in her pink-saturated world, and we’re about to fly to California for a revisit thanks to Greta Gerwig. Barbie film slated for release next year.

Going by the stills released from the set so far, Margot Robbie as Barbie is sure to be dressed head-to-toe in pink. But this Barbie shows a rebellious streak and was just kicked out of Barbie World for noncompliance.

Stepping into the real world, wait, she lives in a contemporary penthouse apartment with bright pink kitchen cabinets.

Will we now aspire to own her penthouse like we used to dream of a Barbie Dreamhouse back then?

“Get in on the trend”

Siobhan Lam, owner of interiors boutique April & The Bear.

Siobhan Lam, owner of Dublin-based interiors boutique April & The Bear, is a fan and her storefront is just pink. Not the sizzling pink you might expect, but a more sophisticated hue.

“I loved Barbie when I was little,” she says. “Sindy was fine but Barbie – oh, I loved her. She was the brightest, prettiest, most perfect creation ever. Her hair, her beautiful outfits and this height.

“I was never lucky enough to have a Barbie Dreamhouse, but I wanted one. Thinking about it, maybe that’s where the inspiration for my window came from.”

But now that we’re all grown up, how do you introduce pink without it looking too much like the Barbie Dreamhouse?

“Just be sure to mix it with other complementary colors, whether it’s bold jewel hues or more muted neutral shades, like a muted gray,” says Siobhan.

“Another favorite of mine is the mix of mustard and pink. We brought a mid-century pink velvet sofa into our living room and paired it with a bold mustard seat.”

Siobhan wonders if the Barbie Dreamhouse was a hidden inspiration for her storefront.
Siobhan wonders if the Barbie Dreamhouse was a hidden inspiration for her storefront.

But if you’re looking for longevity rather than treating pink as a passing trend, Siobhan adds, “Get on the trend with statement pieces like sofas, storage, or paint entire rooms a single shade of pink.”

“Yes, that includes the ceiling and the plinths. If you’re going to do it, go for it. Be bold in your choices and your space will look amazing.

Siobhan also sees pink as a versatile hue that it’s now used as both a neutral hue and a bold statement.

“I think in the past, pink was in a pretty gross and garish category,” she says. But in the last five years it has been adopted because in reality it is one of the most adaptable colors. It can work in any space.

“Also, I think my generation has a thing for the hue which is heavily influenced by our childhood obsession with Barbies and, perhaps, our teenage love for other funky women who had a thing for pink. , like Cher from clueless and Elle Woods of Revenge of a Blonde. Pink is nostalgic and fun and I love that we got it back.

Add fun

    Geri O'Toole, interior architect and designer at Geri Designs.
Geri O’Toole, interior architect and designer at Geri Designs.

Interior architect and designer Geri O’Toole, of Limerick-based Geri Designs, works with luxury private homes for clients in Ireland and overseas, and advocates pink as a color to bring more enjoyment in the interiors.

“A lot of our customers have been into green and blue for a few years, but I love the idea of ​​pink,” she says. “We need to be more cheerful in the interiors.”

And she’s putting that into practice, because not only is she renovating her own bathroom and introducing pink marble, but she’s just finished designing a pink bedroom for the Dublin home of Vogue Williams.

Since the pandemic, she has also seen her clients move away from gray and, at the same time, they seek to achieve a timeless interior look in what is usually their forever home.

“They want more fun with color, say, a beanbag in pink,” she says. “If it’s subtle enough, you won’t get bored. Even plain white curtains can have a pink leading edge that can be removed when you’ve had enough. If it’s the right shade, pink is timeless.

But if you have existing gray decor, like so many others, pink is a great accent, she adds. “It can be overwhelming if it’s monochromatic, but if you keep it subtle and understated it won’t read like a Barbie bedroom.”



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