“I don’t want a big big house”


A lovely piece of real estate “above the clouds” in Montecito, California is home to John Mellencamp. According to the musician, the house has an intimate atmosphere because it is relatively small, and there was a reason behind this choice.

Read on to find out why the “Jack & Diane” singer didn’t want a “big big house,” why he thinks his mountaintop hideaway is perfect for “romantic” entertaining, and which of his other homes became his refuge to retreat to with family and friends.

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John Mellencamp has a ‘romantic’ home in Montecito that sits above the clouds

Mellencamp is a musician, artist and father of a former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starring Teddi Mellencamp. And his Montecito hideaway is a mountaintop retreat that’s not for the light-hearted. “You get this thing, especially at night when the winds are blowing. . . it takes a certain type of colorful person to want to be up there [at the very top]he told Architectural Digest.

The three-bedroom home sits on six private acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and Mellencamp reportedly paid around $2.5 million for it. He said he didn’t want another “big big house” because he was “fed up”.

He remodeled it in three weeks with the help of his road crew and a designer. It exemplifies his robust taste and he said, “Quite honestly, I see it as a place to go with a guest. There is a very romantic side to it. »

The house is decorated in a rustic motif and features vintage decor, such as old motorcycles and mannequins. It also has a wooden deck to admire the spectacular seascape. “I’m above the clouds,” Mellencamp said. “The view is like, wow.”

John Mellencamp treats his homes like art projects

Although a relatively small space, Mellencamp converted a storage room in his Montecito home into an art studio. He’s a painter – kind of a Bob Ross painter – and he exhibits his art in the house. He also regards each of his dwellings as a new creation.

He told Architectural Digest, “All my homes are art projects.”

“I’m a singer-songwriter, it’s my real job, but I paint every day,” he offered. “I’m very lucky, I lived an artist’s life.”

John Mellencamp has a church-inspired refuge in South Carolina

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Mellencamp’s mountaintop house in Montecito is far from the only one he owns. He has a base in Indiana and told People that his art studio in the state is his “favorite place in the world.”

But a custom-built home on Dafuskie Island, South Carolina, is her haven (per Architectural Digest). He hired an architect to design and create a church-inspired home on a piece of land on the Atlantic Ocean that he had owned for over a decade.

Then the house was used as a warehouse until his ex-girlfriend Meg Ryan asked him, “Why don’t you make it look as good as you can?”

Mellencamp’s Dafuskie lodging is much larger than the Montecito shelter, now featuring a library and a movie theater, and he has five guest bedrooms which he uses to accommodate his friends and family. The home’s interior designer told Architectural Digest that Mellencamp “really uses” the home, and that’s taken as a compliment.

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