I’m an interior designer, the biggest trends of the year including the new color ‘it’ taking precedence over gray


An interior designer has lifted the lid on the biggest trends for fall and beyond.

Liz Lovery, who offers decorating and styling tips on her TikTok account @lizloverysaid there are many new things to come, as we say goodbye to old trends like all gray decor.


An interior designer revealed the biggest trends of the yearCredit: Tiktok/@lizlovery
Brown is big this season


Brown is big this seasonCredit: Tiktok/@lizlovery

Liz went over the top three things she spotted and what we should all be looking out for in the coming months.

She revealed: “The first step is using the color brown. I see it EVERYWHERE in interior design on walls and furniture.

“I’m also seeing a resurgence in cabinetry and accent pieces, as opposed to the light wood we’ve seen a lot of in recent years.

“I also see this trend appearing a lot more in the catalogs of major designers, like Restoration Hardware.”

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Liz then moved on to the second point of something we might want to invest in in the near future.

The design expert continued: “Number two is furniture and accent pieces that use textured fabrics – particularly with bouclé, velvet and sherpa.

“I think this trend is actually perfect for fall because it brings all the cozy vibes.

“If you want to bring this trend into your home without buying an entirely new piece of furniture, you can add pillows, blankets or blankets with these textures to your existing furniture.

Last, but certainly not least, on Liz’s list of style trends were “distressed or antique vases and vessels.”

Telling people to seek out the home accessory as it comes into its own, Liz said it’s also one of her personal favorites of the fall season.

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She concluded, “I’m also really excited about this trend for fall.

“It brings a bit of that intimate, lived-in feel to a space, but it also adds character to your home.

Also on Liz's list of style trends was


Also on Liz’s list of style trends were “distressed or antique vases and containers”Credit: Tiktok/@lizlovery

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