I’m an interior designer – why you should never buy matching furniture for your home


MATCHING clothing sets may be all the rage, but seemingly matching furniture sets are a thing of the past.

An interior designer has explained exactly why she tells people to forgo the traditional matching furniture set for their space and buy separate pieces instead.


Interior designer chimed in on matching sets1 credit
She said they're outdated and hard to style


She said they’re outdated and hard to style1 credit

Julie Sousa, the founder of Boston-based interior design firm Avant Garde Home, said matching sets really limits design.

“Remember how all the rage matching furniture sets were back then?” she asked.

“Today you may want to avoid doing this.

“Besides looking very much like a furniture showroom, matching sets lack visual interest.”

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Sousa said that instead of opting for matching sets, she encourages people to mix and match contrasting elements such as wood and metal or wood and upholstery.

“I generally recommend upholstered beds, metal or iron beds; they’re more versatile because you can choose just about any wood finish,” she explained.

On the other hand, she said, choosing a wooden bed leaves you with fewer side table options because you have to match the wood finishes.

Comments left under Sousa’s video showed that she’s not the only one thinking this way when it comes to interior design.

“There’s nothing that says ‘I’m a man and just got my first real job’ like buying these furniture sets,” one viewer wrote.

In response, Sousa noted, “It’s so hilarious because that’s exactly why my guest room currently still matches lmao, it was my husband’s first purchase.”

A second agreeing person added, “PREACH! Never match!

“Go with neutrals.

“White bed, natural wood bedside tables, white chest of drawers.”

Yet a third proponent of the designer style wrote, “Iron beds never go out of style and go with everything.

“I hate matching sets.”

Of course, Sousa isn’t recommending people throw away their expensive matching sets.

In the comments section, she said a matching set could be modernized by simply turning off the mirror above the dresser.

And in response to someone who admitted to loving their matching set, Sousa wrote, “Well I’m glad you like it!

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“That’s what’s most important anyway!”

For those who want to modernize their home in another way, an architect has already revealed how to expand a space without spending a penny.

Sousa said wood and iron blend together beautifully


Sousa said wood and iron blend together beautifully1 credit

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