Instant Analysis: Utah Jazz beat Wizards and swept four-game road trip


WASHINGTON – The Utah Jazz beat the Washington Wizards 123-98 on Saturday night to complete a four-game unbeaten road trip. It was the Jazz’s seventh consecutive victory, improving its record for the season to 19-7.

High marks

  • The Jazz entered at half-time with a point behind. The game was pretty close but the Jazz didn’t shoot the ball very well. It was clear they didn’t have their legs in this one, but the only thing you can do when the attack and the legs aren’t there is win the game on the other end. The Jazz kept the Wizards to just 18 points in the third quarter, taking a 12-point advantage in the fourth. They shot the ball within 30 percent of a 3-point field, but they didn’t give up on defense. Then, when the fourth quarter started, the Jazz didn’t let go and were able to put the game aside and put their starters down for the last few minutes of play. It’s honestly the perfect way to win the last game. of a road trip.
  • Bojan Bogdanovic pulled out a fake layup, the kind that looked incredibly familiar after watching Joe Ingles pull it off for years. It is a very beautiful piece to add to Bogdanovic’s arsenal.
  • After the Jazz morning shootout on Saturday, Mike Conley spoke about the Jazz trying to get Rudy Gobert more involved in the offense that night. As I said above, the long shots weren’t going the way the Jazz wanted, but the inside game was critical. Gobert finished the night with 20 points and 11 rebounds, and Hassan Whiteside finished with 18 points and 14 rebounds.
  • Jordan Mitchell, sister of Donovan Mitchell, who plays lacrosse at the American University in DC, was at the game with a huge group who said they all went to school with Jordan. The whole group wore Mitchell Jazz jerseys and cheered on their brother. The Jazz Guard got tickets for the group and provided jerseys, a great gift. At the end of the time out, Mitchell turned to the group and greeted them. They loved it, they applauded. Healthy content.
  • Trent Forrest, who had only attempted two 3-pointers this season and made none, scored a 3 in the fourth quarter against the Wizards. A good sign. A small sign, but a good one.

Low Notes

  • In the last game of a four-game road trip that included a back-to-back set and the last three games played in four nights, the Jazz were tired and it showed.
  • Official Scott Foster left the match with a leg injury, leaving the match to be refereed by two referees instead of three, and it looks like the Jazz have had an oddly high number of games where this has happened. I will study this a little more. There’s probably nothing to take away from it other than a coincidence, but it’s interesting.
  • It seems like Bogdanovic thinks more of a foul before driving than a lot of other players. He’s really cunning, smart, and strong and if he was only focused on scoring he might actually get more calls, but he sometimes seems disappointed with no calls before one of his shots even goes off. approach the basket. It is a bad habit that must be broken.

Flat Notes

  • Early in the first quarter, Mitchell passed Kentavious Caldwell-Pope before shooting a 3-pointer, but when he landed it looked like he had fallen on Caldwell-Pope’s foot. Thereafter, Mitchell flexed and favored his right ankle a little, but stayed on the ground and seemed in no way affected. Mitchell was also chewing on the official after the game, complaining that KCP was in his landing space so maybe he was just trying to sell that foul, but it’s not great to see him limp or flex his ankle at all. , especially after what happened. at the end of last season.
  • Speaking of Caldwell-Pope, uh, he was blocked by the back panel. It was embarrassing. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

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