Interior design ideas: wood paneling is a ‘no-brainer’ for your home


Woodwork and paneling are experiencing a comeback at the moment. Once considered old-fashioned, adding texture to walls with panels is back. In fact, it’s predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2022. Whether it’s large panels, small panels, paneling all over the room, or just half a wall, there is a style of paneling to suit any space.

And, the interior trend was highlighted by an award-winning designer as a no-brainer.

Benji Lewis is an interior designer who comes up with some truly stunning designs. He is a well-established UK-based interior designer and the founder of Zoom That Room, an online interior design consultancy service.

Benji told readers, “An absolute no-brainer when it comes to adding interest to a room is paneling or the suggestion of it at least.”

Wood panels can take many shapes, not just the rectangular geometric shapes associated with the style.

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Benji explained a simple way to adopt wood panels in your home.

“If distressed natural oak paneling isn’t right for your space or it’s too much for you and you still want a paneled room, create the illusion by using MDF slats attached to the wall.”

He said: “Create a paneled design and then paint it all one color – it’s a super smart, contemporary take on a traditional look.”

Other alternatives include simple tongue and groove panels.

If the idea of ​​panels everywhere scares you, it can be used as a feature wall.

Benji said: “Painted tongue and groove panels are a staple wall finish for interior designers and a terrifically charming way to add period detail to a room.

“If your space can handle it and you’re a real fan, why not use it on the ceiling as well.

“While I’m not a fan of an accent wall with wallpaper, I could probably always be persuaded to look at some of the paneling in a room.

“It has to be considered in the scheme of things, but done right, it’s something that just shows smart creative thinking outside the box.”

Benji recently listed his number one home improvement mistake on

He told readers: “It’s absolutely set in stone that for a project to be successful, you have to have scale drawings to work with.

“Without it, you won’t get a good handle on your space, so trying to cut costs by not doing it will ultimately cost you, when you go shopping only to find things don’t fit yours properly. room.”

Benji continued, “If you can, work with an architect.”


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