Interior truckers plan Freedom Convoy to Fairbanks on February 6


Interior Alaska truckers join those in south-central Alaska for a “freedom convoy” on February 6 in support of Canadian and American truckers who are against forced Covid vaccines.

Organized by a group known as the Interior Patriots, the convoy will end at the Carlson Center parking lot in Fairbanks and will bring in truckers from Delta Junction, Healy and surrounding areas, who will meet at the Carlson at 3 p.m. Routes will be announced later. The truckers responded to the ice road invitation, sources told Must Read Alaska.

The convoy is in support of American and Canadian truckers who have staged massive truck protests along the Canada-US border and in the Canadian capital of Ottawa aimed at dismantling the policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who decreed that all truckers crossing the border into Canada, including Canadians, must present proof of vaccination against Covid. According to the Canadian press, American and Canadian trucks are now blocking the American border crossing from Alberta.

“With RCMP warnings ignored, more than 100 vehicles remain lined up on a southern Alberta highway blocking access to the border and a small town for the third straight day on Monday,” the official said. Calgary Herald reported.

“Semi-trucks, cars and farm equipment filled Highway 4 south of Lethbridge on Saturday, in support of a national convoy to Ottawa in the stated aim of repealing a federal mandate requiring Canadian truckers unvaccinated are returning to Canada from the United States to be tested for COVID-19 and quarantine. Some participants in both protests broadened that focus, demonstrating against the health orders and the federal government as a whole,” the newspaper reported.

Alberta’s premier called the action illegal and demanded it stop, but the blockade was still in place Monday.

Many mainstream media outlets in the United States created a blackout on the big protest. the New York Times and Washington Post almost ignored in the Monday editions, with no mention of the growing trucker protests, but Twitter users managed to spread the word.

Other Alaskans were inspired by the anti-warrant protest. On Saturday, a 2.5-mile-long convoy of trucks in Juneau surprised residents of the capital, who are not used to conservatives hosting events in their city. Some Democrats, like Sen. Scott Kawasaki, were tripped up by the strength of the protest because they couldn’t easily reach their favorite cafes for lunch.

“Um…great job Juneau convoy,” Kawasaki wrote. “Keep customers out of lunch and spending money at small local businesses that have had a hell of a year with tourism losses – complaining about Canada?!” he wrote on Twitter.

In Anchorage, the convoy will gather along C Street and end Sunday at the Eagle River Lion’s Club, where there will be pizza, music and speakers. Anchorage Assemblyman Jamie Allard helps organize the event.


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