“It’s always quite expensive”: Vacation flight prices soar in Kamloops


“This initial sticker shock is happening because the uptime has just simply gone,” Thomas explained. “Often at Christmas they pay the highest rate or they book at the last minute. Even in the summer I have people spending between $ 800 and $ 900 for a round trip to Vancouver.

Thomas says flight prices are based on supply and demand, and booking a last-minute Christmas ticket during December will be priced higher when virtually no seats are left.

“They will have so many seats on the plane available at the lowest price point. Then they have another set of seats available at the next highest price point, and so on. Until you have the last seats which are usually expensive at full price seats, ”Thomas said.

Some frequent travelers from Vancouver to YKA say they weren’t surprised by their expensive ticket.

“Good enough, I find the prices in the smaller towns to be very high for the actual distance you travel,” one man said.

“Usually I only fly in winter and it’s always quite expensive,” one woman explained.

Thomas believes the pandemic is the main reason for the rise in ticket prices. She says that since the start of the pandemic there have been far fewer thefts than before.

Before the pandemic, West Jet said it operated more than 700 flights per day, up from 400 flights per day.

“I don’t know if they may have been added to many flights due to road conditions due to COVID, so we have even less capacity,” Thomas continued.

Regarding the highway closures in British Columbia, West Jet said CFJC News in an email:

“For British Columbia, we have capped our inventory and prices as quickly as possible and extended this approach for travel until December 14.”

Thomas says the only way to avoid expensive flights is to book in advance.

“If you are planning to book your flights for Christmas in September, you will get the best price. You could still get a return of $ 300-400 in Vancouver. Instead of paying, you know $ 600, $ 700, $ 800 or more than $ 1,000 when it’s the last minute and the flights are full, ”Thomas said.


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