KC Pet Project is making sure pets stay safe and calm this holiday weekend


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – 4th of July celebrations are already underway with plenty of grilling preparations or the setting off of fireworks.

But for those who have pets, it is also important to prepare them.

“If your pets are afraid of thunderstorms, chances are they’re also afraid of fireworks,” said Tori Fugate, communications manager at KC Pet Project.

Although many viewers are impressed with the visual display, the crackling and loud noises can be hard on the ears of four-legged friends.

“You’ll see a lot of animals going through a lot of anxiety. So if a really loud firework is going off and they’re just cowering around you or just in the room, it doesn’t matter, they really, really scared of everything that’s going on,” Fugate said. “The 4th of July is really when we start to see a lot of pets getting lost. If they walk around they are afraid of fireworks – we often see that. Suddenly they learn to jump a fence, and they haven’t done it before because they’re so scared of those noises happening.

Fugate recommends a few options to make the celebration more comfortable.

“You can do things like put them in an interior room in the house, maybe leave a TV or radio on for white noise,” Fugate said. “Soothing treats, soothing collars, there are all kinds of things you can buy that can help your pet.”

She adds that it’s important to make sure pets carry proper identification in case they get lost.

“Make sure you have a collar and tag on your pet at all times, even if they only live outdoors,” Fugate said. “If you have a microchip, make sure the information is up to date if your pet ends up getting lost so we can get them home to you much faster.”

Already experiencing a busy holiday weekend, KC Pet Project is ready to accept any pets that come through its door. But to avoid that, Fugate says preventative measures are needed to give her pet a “perfect” weekend vacation.

“So taking these really, really simple steps will help us get pets home if they get lost, and for your pets, fireworks aren’t a natural thing they’re used to,” said said Fugate. best to leave them at home and make sure they are happy and safe – it will just help in the long run.”


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