Kean’s Architecture Program Receives Three-Year Accreditation


By Antony Reyna | Posted on November 3, 2022

Michael Graves College at Kean University has been granted a 3-year accreditation term by the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB).

Architecture students from Kean studying abroad in Rome | Credit: Kean University

According to the NAAB, “NAAB accreditation is the primary means by which professional degree programs in architecture assure quality to students and the public. Accredited status is a signal to students and the public that a program meets the standards foundation for its faculty, curriculum, student services and libraries.

Michael Graves College at Kean is named after famed architect and professor Michael Graves, who is best known for his influential work as a member of the “New York Five”, a group of prominent architects in 1970s New York. York.

“The association with Michael Graves is deeply fitting for this new college. Graves redefined an idea of ​​professional practice in the late 20th century by approaching design at multiple scales, from urban and building to object and artefact. The varied programs that make up Michael Graves College at Kean University represent this idea well, from industrial and interior design to graphic and architectural design,” said Dean David Mohney in his public position letter on the Michael Graves Middle School.

A student and professor at the Robert Busch School of Design | Credit: Kean University

The college is home to two schools, the Robert Busch School of Design, as well as the School of Public Architecture.

The School of Public Architecture has released a statement regarding the Master of Architecture program through its official website.

“The [Master of Architecture] The program addresses the increasing level of professional design services required in the 21st century and the increasing globalization of architectural design. It uses its two locations in major urban areas – the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area and Wenzhou, China – as resources to access professional employment and training,” the statement read.

The relatively new program, which began holding classes at the Kean Union campus in fall 2015, requires juniors to study abroad during their spring semester in Rome, Italy.

Since then, Michael Graves College has produced alumni who work in a wide variety of fields for some of the world’s most notable companies such as Google and Disney. It also includes members of its faculty who have past ties to Harvard, Princeton, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and other prestigious institutions both domestically and abroad.

Michael Graves (1987) | Credit: Bernard Gotfryd

The NAAB recognizes 3 types of degrees in the United States, the Bachelor of Architecture, the Master of Architecture, and the Doctor of Architecture.

Most state architectural registration boards require all applicants for licensure to have graduated from a NAAB-accredited program as a prerequisite.

A NAAB-accredited degree is the first step for all potential architects to receive their certification from the National Council of Architecture Registration Board (NCARB), which allows them to work in all 55 U.S. states and territories.

Michael Graves College, which currently has campus locations in Kean’s Union and Wenzhou, is expected to make its next visit for continued NAAB accreditation in 2024.


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