Lincoln County Stays Winter Ready – The Interior Journal


STANFORD – Spring may be on the way, but until it arrives, Lincoln County remains prepared for winter.

Lincoln County Executive Judge Jim Adams said the county has used about half of its road salt supply so far this winter. The county had about 200 tons of salt at the start of the winter season.

Adams said of the 100 tons used so far this year, around 50 tons have been used depending on the salt. Salt costs about $100 a ton.

“The other 50 (tonnes) is a one-third salt mixture and no. 8 rock for the bigger dump trucks,” he said.

Mixed rock costs about $10 per ton.

The county road department currently has 10 large dump trucks and four-ton trucks equipped with plows and salt spreaders. Trucks are kept indoors in a heated garage for easy access.

“They’re all in good working order and ready to go,” Adams said.

All trucks are equipped with chains, plows and salt boxes, and the tanks are kept full of fuel at all times.

“Chainsaws are kept in working condition with new chains and fuel in case of ice damage,” he said.

Drivers have a pre-determined route and are prepared to be called early and stay late, according to Adams. There are a total of 15 employees in the Lincoln County Highways Department.

“There will be someone staying in the office to take phone calls,” he said.

Adams said the county is in good shape if another winter system hits the area.

“We still have half the salt pile left and the rock mix is ​​already mixed and everything is kept under the roof,” he said.


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