London developer Argyll is pumping £27m to woo workers with new office equipment


Wednesday, April 13, 2022 2:29 PM

The office is not dead, London developer Argyll has announced with a new £27million renovation investment in eight buildings.

The buildings, which collectively cover more than 275,000 square feet of central London, are scattered across St James’ Square, Cornhill and Mayfair.

Argyll, in collaboration with architect and interior designer Damion Burrows, is splashing offices with a “boutique residential feel”, aiming to persuade staff to ditch their work-from-home luxuries for the office.

Libraries, extra kitchens, guest lounges, and showers are some of the new amenities introduced to appeal to employees.

84 Brook Street, living room kitchen. (Argyll)

“The project aims to celebrate the unique history of our properties while adding state-of-the-art technology and modern furnishings,” said Argyll CEO John Drover. “After the pandemic, it’s great to see the company adapting again to meet customer needs and the changing world of work.”

In terms of fresh office technology – Argyll will install video booths equipped with a green screen for virtual meetings and an app that allows staff to access the building via their smart phone.

Burrows explained that customers “now more than ever” are demanding the best in post-pandemic office experiences.

“The new standard of design combines heritage and elegance with modern comfort and I’m delighted we’ll be creating something truly special for customers in Argyll,” he added.


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