Mile High CRE Trendy Office: Confluent Development’s new office in LoDo


Denver-based Confluent Development is a versatile, full-service real estate investment and development firm that owns and develops commercial real estate. Since its inception in 2014 in an office located on downtown Denver’s historic Blake Street, the company has grown significantly. She has executed projects nationwide across a diverse portfolio and as her team expands to support this growth trajectory, the company has established a new home a few blocks away at 2215 Market St., in the vibrant lower downtown Denver community.

As the company moved from its old office space to a new one and dealt with the impacts of the pandemic on the workplace, the team gained a better understanding of the importance of collaboration and connectivity. Those who previously thought they worked more efficiently or felt more energized working remotely found they were better off when everyone could be together. Conversely, those who may have thought they needed a closed door to focus experienced an open platform where everyone from the CEO to the support staff were all seated next to each other. As a result, the opportunities for learning and collaboration have been much more beneficial.

During this interim period, Confluent wanted to ensure that these lessons learned translate seamlessly into their new space. Ultimately, for a company of this size, the new office space improves the way team members engage and collaborate, and the best way to achieve this was to ensure that the team is located on one floor and not separated as it was. in the old office.

The company’s first office was smaller and spread over two floors, which didn’t prove beneficial for collaboration, socializing, and connectivity. The new office space measures 10,914 square feet and includes a 460 square foot collaboration area on a single floor, and its central space has more than three zones in one for team use.

To continue to build the spirit of collaboration, connectivity and creativity, Confluent commissioned local artist, Tom Ward, to paint a colorful mural throughout the collaborative space. In addition to the bright colors and office environment, Confluent felt the integration of nature and greenery was equally important and implemented several plant-based designs throughout the space.

With his extensive work in the office real estate sector, particularly his partnership with Vectra Bank on the development of its new headquarters at I-25 and Belleview Station, there was no better leader to map the vision of a new office space that Confluence the team members themselves, as they are well suited to build the space that meets the needs of today’s office environment and teams. Confluent understood that it needed to be as flexible as possible and planned accordingly to ensure it created the best possible space for today and the future.

All spaces in the office, including collaboration areas, have been laid out so the team can easily reconfigure the space. From office frames with mountable partitions to the possibilities of adding more cubes, moving furniture or adding more privacy in the offices if needed, everything had been programmed into the space in the spirit of encouraging and reinforce what this team has learned from the experience – that it’s at its best when team members can meet up, catch up on weekends, have quick conversations, brainstorm and collaborate in ways creative.

Project partners:

Architect: Lewis Himes & Associates
GC: Raine Building
Interior Art/Mural: Tom Ward, National Mural Artist and Abstract Painter


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