Nelly Korda is defending a title, but it’s not what she calls “stressful” right now


Nelly Korda is looking for her first win of the season.

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Nelly Korda, who defends her Pelican Women’s Championship title this week, admitted she’s had a “rollercoaster” year. She struggled to find a rhythm after her injury and says she made a mistake playing “catch up” on the road after missing time. Maybe a break and a step back to cool off would have been better, she thought.

But during his Wednesday press conference at the Pelican Golf Club in Belleair, Florida, Korda was not stressed by the defense. Or her game. Or the conditions (which she once saw growing up in Florida).

No, she is taxed for building a house. Just ask him.

“Oh my God, this is so stressful,” Korda said. “I hate it. I literally hate it. I have an interior designer and she helps me a lot. I’m like, ‘It’s all you.’ Like I couldn’t look through all that furniture, like I couldn’t do that.

Korda’s new digs came to light when she was asked if her previously mentioned plan to build a place for her trophies had ever come to fruition. No, she says, because she is building a new house.

She said she was warned about the high price of lumber, so it didn’t bother her, at least not like the minor design decisions.

“Honestly, it’s horrible. I hate it. It just gives me a big headache,” she said. “I learned words like roof trusses that I never would have learned if I didn’t have to build a house. But it’s been a very interesting time to build houses. It’s kind of fun. It also makes me forget about golf when I’m at home.

Korda, who missed four months in the spring after undergoing surgery for a blood clot, enters this week after missing cuts in her last two LPGA starts, although she recently finished 4th out of 64 in a women’s European circuit. Aramco Team Series event in New York.

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This is the final update ahead of next week’s CME Group Tour Championship in Naples, Florida, which will mark the end of the 2022 LPGA season.

Korda won four times last season, including a major title, but is yet to win this year.

“I’ve played good golf since I got back, but I’ve also overdone it and also played bad golf,” Korda said. “So definitely a year of learning, more about myself, more about my body. I would say every year, I’m very grateful for every year, grateful to be here. It was really a bit scary at first. But overall I played really good golf and I’m proud of it.

But the vibes are good. This is only the second time she has defended on a course where she has won and, as a Florida native, she will be used to the wet and windy weather the players will face. Due to Tropical Storm Nicole passing through the area, the tournament has been shortened to 54 holes and play will begin on Friday.

“I think in every department I can always get better and better,” she said, “but I’m pretty happy with how my game is going right now.”

The first round will air from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET on Golf Channel, with the delayed weekend rounds airing from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Golf Channel.

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