New LaRue Water District Building Nearly Completed | Local news


Almost a year after its originally scheduled opening date, the LaRue County Watershed District is about to relocate to its new location in Hodgenville.

The Water District is moving its Buffalo office to a new, state-of-the-art building on Lincoln Parkway, with an updated opening schedule in March or April.

“It’s been going on for about four or five years. We started construction in November of last year, ”said Managing Director Tim Bartley. “The building was supposed to be finished in March or April of this year, which is very late, but we’ll get there. We had issues with permits, we had issues with supplies, we had issues with subcontractors. It’s been just a bunch of things, but I think we’re making real progress now, thank goodness. “

It’s been a long process for the Water District, but Bartley is thrilled to see it come to fruition.

The new building will offer more than its current building, which Bartley says was built in the 1950s or 1960s and has seen many problems over the years.

When completed, the building will provide a meeting and training room. It will have a much nicer maintenance shop, which Bartley said has been needed for many years.

“We have already started planning when we will need to test our water meters, and we have already set up a test room so that we can start doing this to save the company money. So that’s a plus, ”Bartley said. “We have a much nicer maintenance facility and we don’t have any at all at the moment. We have a nice maintenance shop with work benches, which we desperately need because there are things we just can’t do on our own because we don’t have that ability.

The new office will also be more secure with access codes on each door.

“We have access codes on every door, even on interior doors. We’re going to be a lot safer than in the past, so this is something we look forward to. “

Increased safety gives the seven employees of the Water District more peace of mind on the job, providing more buffer should something happen, Bartley said.

“It doesn’t matter where you go and there are a lot more cameras, a lot more locked doors,” Bartley said. “It’s just something that everyone in our company does.”

In total, the project costs $ 3.8 million. Much of that was covered by a grant from the USDA, Bartley said.

As the building nears completion, Bartley said he can’t wait for the public to see it finished.

“We will be satisfied with the completed project,” he said. “People drive by and see it, and every time they do something more on it, you can see it just looks better and better. We love the combination of stone and brick and drive-thru, and we’re going to have parking in front and a fenced area for employees. It is in a great location. Everyone, I think, is a little jealous of our location. We were lucky, we really did. It is a great location.

One of the reasons the Water District started looking for its new location is because of what will happen to the area in the future.

Ford will be building a plant in Glendale within the next five years, and the Water District didn’t want to be late when it arrives.

In addition to upgrading facilities, Bartley said the Water District spent just over $ 1 million to upgrade its system connections as well as $ 600,000 to paint and rehabilitate three of its water tanks. water in the county.

“We see down the road that this county is going to grow,” Bartley said. “There is no doubt that there is so much potential for LaRue County, and we want to be ahead of that. We have this new factory coming up and it’s going to impact us. So we are already starting our planning.

And if the impact is as big as he thinks it is in LaRue County, Bartley said even bigger things could be on the horizon.

“… You have to start planning now. You can’t wait to be behind the ball, behind the curve. You have to do it now, ”Bartley said. “When this plant comes online, you will see huge changes. Some people will love it, others less. We are preparing for it. We know it’s happening and we prepare for it, so we try to prepare for whatever happens. “


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