ON Residence – One of Greece’s most anticipated hotel openings


The iconic ON Residence, a partnership between TOR Hotel Group and Grivalia Hospitality, is one of Greece’s most anticipated hotel arrivals, breathing new life into central Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki will not only host a legendary restaurant that brings back the glamor of a bygone era, but also a unique hotel that aims to redefine luxury hospitality in Greece’s co-capital. The opening should be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

The emblematic restaurant “Olympos Naoussa“has been the heart of Thessaloniki’s jet-set society for decades, acting as a favorite haunt for celebrities and politicians such as former prime ministers George Papandreou and Constantine Karamanlis, Giscard d’Estaing and many more until it closed in the mid-1990s.

“Now Olympos Naoussa returns to the city of Thessaloniki. Our vision to revive the historic restaurant and, together with the Tornivoukas family, to create a hotel destination of unparalleled beauty and a high level of service is about to be completed. We are sure that all visitors will love and embrace it, as we did from the first moment. Grivalia Hospitality is currently implementing an investment program of more than 500 million euros which will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of our country in the international arena of luxury tourism ”, declares George Chryssikos, CEO of Grivalia.

ON Residence will have 60 sumptuously designed rooms and suites, and the main restaurant “Olympos Naoussa” on the ground floor, as well as a beautiful interior courtyard, the cocktail bar. “Tiger loop”, a modern gym and a mezzanine specially designed for business meetings and events.

For Konstantinos Tornivoukas, CEO of TOR Hotel Group, ON Residence is a key project for the company and for Thessaloniki itself. “After the violent closure of the Hotel Méditerranée by the catastrophic earthquake of 1978, my dream has always been to be able to return to the city’s seafront with a project that would have the dynamics of the mythical hotel founded by my grandfather in 1925. When the property that housed Olympos Naoussa, which was connected to the Mediterranean due to its proximity and similar history, was put up for auction, I considered it more than a business opportunity. it was also an act of gratitude from our family to our beloved city for restoring this historic restaurant and at the same time creating a high standard hotel that would turn the page on luxury hospitality in Thessaloniki. The partnership between TOR Hotel Group and Grivalia Hospitality made this dream come true.

Luxurious design that connects the past to the present

The property that houses the ON residence was based on the designs of the famous Greek Jewish architect Jacques Mosse and was built in 1926. It is a typical example of Thessaloniki’s eclecticism during the interwar period, with elements reminiscent of the Belle Époque and neoclassicism. The building’s important and delicate past essentially provided the guidelines for its restoration process, completed by the architects Diversity Group and Dimitris Thomopoulos who collaborated on the project.

The preservation of the facade and decorative elements of the building were completed according to the instructions of the Ministry of Culture. The architects took special care not only to bring out all the characteristics that made the building unique, but also to combine them carefully with elements of today, always guided by the goal of achieving a harmonious coexistence.

Award-winning architects Nikiforidis and Cuomo undertook the design of the surrounding common areas, while the office of Nikos Fletoridis was responsible for the architectural study.

The interior decoration was carried out by French decorator Fabienne Spahn, who wanted to give a renewed classic art deco style to the project, enriching it with a discreet luxury that corresponded to the character of the building.

“On my first visit to the site, I felt like I was in the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ house. Bringing the place back to life using modern design elements but fully respecting the heritage The architectural design of the building was a big challenge, it reminds me of wonderful Parisian brasseries with neoclassical charm, ”she says.

The reception was inspired by the 1950s, with elements of velvet, wood and brass. In the main restaurant, a space more closely linked to the history of the building, the textures, the bronze blown glass lamps and the furniture evolve to art deco rhythms. The palette is gray and blue, the iconic colors of the historic restaurant, while the beloved bistro chairs that once existed here have been redesigned for extra comfort.

The hotel has 60 rooms of different categories: standard rooms (courtyard view), luxury rooms (sea view), ON suites (junior suites) and ON residences (suites). In the decoration of the rooms, classic design meets calm luxury with soft, natural tones and touches of light pink and green. High quality materials and bold patterns on the rugs complete a chic and timeless backdrop. Amenities such as Marshall speakers, Nespresso coffee machines and 55-inch televisions set the tone at ON Residence.

Gastronomy is in the foreground

The important gastronomic heritage of “Olympos NaoussaAnd its influence on the culinary culture of Thessaloniki were the guiding principles of the hotel’s main restaurant. Sleek interiors beautifully blend decorative elements from the past and European bistros, juxtaposing them with a modern and urban aesthetic. In addition to the refined atmosphere inside the restaurant, the visitor is invited to discover a unique and “hidden” evergreen courtyard. It is a rare oasis of relaxation in the bustling city center and something that has definitely been lacking in Thessaloniki.

The gastronomic offer is led by Executive Chef Dimitris Tassioulas, the main representative of a new and very dynamic generation of chefs from northern Greece, with important and award-winning projects, such as Sebrico and Thria, which the Sunday Times Travel magazine has awarded the title Gourmand’s Destination in 2019. “The roots of my cuisine spill over into the kitchens of Jews, Slavs, Ottomans, Smyrna, du Pont. My ambition is to deconstruct and recompose the gastronomic tradition of the place into a modern proposal, which expresses this city and matures with it. The materials and traditions of the Mediterranean basin combine with innovative techniques and daring ideas, to bring a piece of history to today’s desires ”, he says.

The F&B offer is completed by Tiger Loop, a cozy cocktail bar with art deco elements. Here, black, gold and deep red dominate; the space is full of movement and energy. The catalog is organized by the award-winning bartender and entrepreneur, Achilleas Plakidas. Known for having created popular hangouts such as Gorilla and Mahalo, he is here called to give a cosmopolitan touch to the drink menu.

These two collaborations show the culture that ON Residence carefully builds, aiming to function as a link between people and experiences. At the same time, it underlines the commitment of the hotel to strengthen the respective synergies that will continue to promote the culinary identity and the unique cultural character of Thessaloniki.


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