On the mentality of Troy Andersen, Marlon Davidson, Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot, plus present and future needs


Isaac Abraham of Savannah, Ga.

Hey I just wanted to know what we were going to do with Marlon Davidson I mean we got him in the 2nd round and he didn’t produce much so you think he’ll make a jump in the 3rd year or not?

bay: I’m definitely in his corner. Marlon Davidson is a good, funny guy who has a knack for turning things up. The Falcons would like him to be an important part of the rotation, working with Grady Jarrett, TaQuon Graham, Vincent Taylor and Anthony Rush up front.

Jarrett is a proven inside pressure player, but definitely needs help inside. This is especially true for transmissions, where Davidson could step in. The talent is definitely there. If he can stay healthy and continue to develop, his performance may improve. It’s a big year for the Auburn product, and the Falcons need him at his best.

Jake Stevens of Gainesville, Ga.

Hey man, I just finished reading an article on Grady. And one thing that jumped out at me was when he said, “Coach wants his respect as a coach. Terry wants his respect as a general manager.” Can you give me your opinion on that? I think it’s exceptional. I love hearing that. And I think that’s why it seems like the Art is a little distant in the press. Either way, have a voucher.

bay: I, too, really liked this quote from Grady. I think that’s a smart way of saying that the whole organization has the chip mentality on its shoulder, that it extends beyond the list. I think that makes perfect sense, considering who Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot are as individuals.

Smith is a first-time head coach trying to establish himself as more than just a savvy offensive mind and play caller. Fontenot is working to turn the franchise around, hit the cap while preparing the roster for lasting success. Many people try. Not everyone succeeds. Fontenot and Smith are determined to get it right and surpass what many believe possible.

I don’t think Smith is distant either. He’s a smart interviewee and he’ll tell you what he thinks, even if it’s blunt. I don’t care about his style of press conference and I respect the fact that he’s going to tell you right away that he’s not going to answer something. I think it’s better than being evasive, talking a lot without saying anything.


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