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Danville is home to the state’s newest regional driver’s license office.

The new office opened on Monday, and Boyle County Circuit Court Clerk Cortney Shewmaker said it would be good for the community, as well as neighboring counties.

No official announcement has been released by the state, but Shewmaker said she spoke with Commissioner Matthew Cole of the Department of Vehicle Regulations on Monday and was advised that an official statement would be forthcoming. published in the next few days. She confirmed the office was working and went there on Tuesday morning to upgrade her own license to a REAL ID.

“I think the idea of ​​not announcing it until now is not to bomb them,” Shewmaker said. “They are still setting up the office. But it’s coming, and that’s a good thing. I wanted the public to be aware of this, because it has been a difficult and confusing process from the beginning, since REAL ID came along. We changed what it’s going to look like and who’s going to do it, then the law changed, and then we had COVID. We continue to push back that enforcement date, and I think the closer we get to that date, the closer the transition of the DOT out of our offices gets, because it’s happening all over the state, people are becoming more and more more anxious.

The Shewmaker office still issues driving licenses and this service is provided by appointment only. Once the regional licensing office is operational, this department will be removed from the circuit court clerk’s office, as has been the case in some neighboring counties, including Lincoln and Garrard. The Mercer County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is still issuing driver’s licenses to walk-in residents, but that will end on March 25, according to Deputy Clerk Kelly King. After that date, residents of Mercer will need to use a regional office such as Danville.

“It will be a positive thing as opposed to our citizens going to the transport cabinet in Frankfurt. Having him in Boyle County will make the transition less painful,” King said.

Shewmaker said having a regional office in Danville will help people in surrounding areas, especially those who may work here but live elsewhere.

“Years ago it made sense for people to get their license in the county they lived in, but as people became more and more transient, it just didn’t make sense that you had to,” said she declared. “I was one of those people who worked out of town. I worked in Frankfurt, and it would have been much easier for me to go at lunchtime to Franklin County and get a driver’s license, but the law forbade that. So that’s a positive thing about this change. This allows people to go to any of these regional offices.

Lincoln County Circuit Court Clerk Angie Doolin said her office hasn’t issued driver’s licenses since October 2021. She said the new Danville Area Office will help Lincoln County residents. As of October, the closest place for Lincoln County residents to obtain a license was in Pulaski County.

” We are pleased. We were grateful that Pulaski was as close as he was, but we’re glad it was in Danville. It will be a little closer for Lincoln County citizens,” Doolin said. “I know it’s been an inconvenience, and we’ve tried to help people book appointments. There are still a lot of people who don’t have access to the internet or smartphones, and I know it’s hard for them to make an appointment.

Doolin said her office will continue to help anyone who needs help making appointments, and they can call her office at 606-365-2535.

The Danville Regional Driver Licensing Office is located at 1714 Perryville Road, Suite 110. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For more information about REAL ID, including the cost of your license and the documents required to receive the new license, visit

What is a REAL ID?
According to information posted online at, the official website for state driver licensing services, Kentucky is working to make REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses available throughout state in regional locations as quickly and efficiently as possible. When REAL ID enforcement goes into effect May 3, 2023, Kentucky driver’s licenses without a black star cannot be used at airport security checkpoints for commercial air travel within the United States or for visiting military bases and federal installations that require identification (such as the White House). Although there are travel and access restrictions on the effective date, REAL ID cards are optional and citizens do not have to obtain one before the deadline. Other federally approved documents, such as a valid passport or passport card, are accepted for air travel in the United States and entry to a military base.
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is opening regional driver’s license offices to make new card versions available. To save time and avoid repeated trips when applying for a REAL ID, citizens are invited to prepare now. Take the IDocument guide quiz or check our valid supporting documents checklist to find out which required documents you need to gather or update before you apply.


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