Paatil warns Gujarat voters against trusting AAP, questions Kejriwal’s work and power promises


Gujarat BJP President CR Paatil on Friday raged against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and warned people against trusting them. Without naming AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, who was in the state before the assembly elections, Paatil said: “A person came here and said he would give power for free, but he would not gave you no guarantees. It’s like the Chinese product “dhoya to roya”. If you trust them, you will be trapped.

Patel was speaking at the Vibrant Weavers Expo 2022, a three-day event organized by the Federation of Gujarat Weavers Associations at the Global Textile Market in Surat. The event was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Gujarat, Bhupendra Patel.

Continuing his attacks on Kejriwal, Paatil said, “The Surat Municipal Corporation provides pure treated water to Surat’s textile industry. Recently a man (Kejriwal) came here and talked about free water. Here in Surat, SMC supplies water to all the bungalows in town and charges them Rs 460 per year inclusive of all taxes,” Paatil said.

“If we divide 460 by 365, the owner of the bungalow has to spend Rs 1.10 per day. Water is being provided at cheaper rates to residents of Surat,” he added.

He said, “The textile businessmen present here know that the government of Maharashtra has come up with a plan of Re 1 per unit load to attract textile industries and establish themselves in the Navapur region. Many people here had bought plots and many of them had installed machinery there as well, but they were facing a lot of electricity problems.

He also tried to lure the youths of Gujarat by saying he would give 10 lakh government jobs, Paatil said. “Over the past 60 to 70 years, about 5.50 lakh government jobs in different departments have been given out and he comes here and says he will give 10 lakh government jobs. How is it possible? He went further and said that after five years I would double him. How will they do that they don’t share.

Gujarat provides the most employment to people in India, Paatil claimed. “During the Covid pandemic, a large number of people migrated from Gujarat to their home states. But not a single Gujarati who had gone to look for work in other states has come back because Gujaratis do not go to other states to look for work. This man (Arvind Kejriwal) comes here and gives only reassurance, but we have to understand him. He should stop attracting people from Gujarat.

During the event, CM Patel congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the growth of Gujarat saying, “Gujarat has become the engine of the country’s growth because Prime Minister Modi has laid a solid foundation stone”, did he declare.

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“Today in Gujarat, roads, electricity, water and other basic facilities are provided in different parts of the state, and people staying in inland villages have entered into major rivers,” he added.

Of closure notices issued to industries in relation to pollution, Patel said: “My team and I are working on it. We are working towards being business-friendly for the growth of the industry and moving the industry forward on the paths laid out by PM Modi.


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