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Jefferson County Sheriff

Creepy: A man with a foreign accent called the sheriff’s office to report a murder on Friday. He told the dispatcher the murder “It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m going to kill my girlfriend.” He told the dispatcher the girl lived in Columbus and was 15 and said he was 31, but declined to say where he was. “Because in three hours he would be in Columbus killing his girlfriend.” He declined to give his phone number or location “Because it was our job to find him and stop him from killing his girlfriend.” Deputies attempted to trace the number provided by the telephone company, but it was disconnected. Columbus police have been notified.

Get your goat: A resident of Bergholz said her neighbor fired his shotgun at his dogs when they chased his goats from his yard on Friday. She said he also pointed the gun at her and told her to “Keep your dogs away from my (expletive) goats”, and said she told him that if his goats didn’t come onto his property, his dogs wouldn’t chase them. When they spoke with the owner of the goat, he denied firing a gun or pointing it at his neighbour. He and his girlfriend were told to keep their goats on their own property, and the dog’s owner was told the same.

Shortchanged: A Bergholz woman told MPs she felt threatened by someone she hired to cut her grass on Saturday. She said the man occasionally worked for her and called to see if she needed anything. She told him she would pay him $50 to mow her grass, but said he only cut part of her lawn. When she asked him if he would come back to finish the rest another day, he told her that he had cut what they had agreed on. She said she gave him $30 and told him she would give him the rest when he finished the job and said he took it the wrong way, yelling bad words at her and telling her “you are going to regret it” Later that night, she contacted the deputies again and reported someone outside her house, shouting. When she got to the porch, she couldn’t see the car but noticed that her landscaping lights had been thrown over the bank onto the land across the street.

Stolen: A Springfield Township woman reported her home was broken into on Friday. A bag containing jewelry and her “important papers” was taken, she said. The woman also told deputies that on May 4, she noticed that more than $600 in transactions had been made on a debit card belonging to a man who lived with her before she was incarcerated.

Booked: Robert Brager, 44, 122 E. Main St., Adena, domestic violence, Friday.

Steubenville Police

In custody: A Rosswell Avenue man was arrested on Saturday after he allegedly left his baby sister behind and fled Lowe’s with a Husquvarna chainsaw he hadn’t paid for, police said. Dylon John King McElroy, 23, 814 Rosswell Ave., Steubenville, has been charged with petty theft and child endangerment. A manager who was with the unaccompanied minor said that while waiting for her mother to arrive, she told them her brother stole something and ran away from the store without her. Police say an argument broke out when the child’s mother and brother arrived, and the mother threw the chainsaw out of the vehicle and said something to the effect that she “Won’t get him in trouble.” Police said surveillance footage showed that after loading the saw into his trunk, McElroy took off the flannel shirt he was wearing and returned to the store to look for his sister but did not find her. so off he went, turning over a few. a few minutes later with his mother. The chainsaw was valued at $500.

Caught: Kroger employees told police a man fled the store without paying for three large bottles of liquor on Saturday. Police said they located Brandon M. McLaughlin, 41, 308 Miller Ave., Weirton, on the west side of Harding Middle School, trying to hide in some bushes with three bottles of Jack Daniels in a bag. McLaughlin was charged with theft and a probation violation. The whiskey was valued at $233.

Burnt down: The mulch around the fire pit in front of the city building was on fire on Saturday. A passerby spotted the smoke and alerted police, who used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames before city firefighters arrived. “Douse it again with water.” Police say the fire may have been caused by stray cigarette ash.

Not Wanted: A Perry, Ohio man refused to leave the Ohio BMV office because they refused to order him the personalized plate he wanted for his motorcycle on Friday. An employee said she told her that a particular plate was on a list of personalized plates that cannot be issued. She said she wanted him to leave the building, but he refused and said he was going to sit there. Officers asked for his ID and he first said he didn’t have to produce it, then asked to speak to them privately. The officer explained to him that he was not welcome on the property and that if he stayed he would be arrested and his vehicle towed away. He agreed to leave but said he would return with other business for BMV after the officer’s shift ended. He was told again that he would be subject to arrest.

Quarrel: A Steele Avenue resident claimed his neighbor violated a protective order on Friday. He showed an officer video, minus the audio, of the man walking between their houses and claims he called it a pejorative term and told him he “(expletive) get him up if he moves that wood again.” The wood he referred to is apparently two boards the neighbor is using as property markers.

Minors: Residents of the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue complained that minors were shooting at them with paintball guns, but police said when they checked, no one had paintball guns or any other type of toy gun. They said they were then told that the children had “orby” gun that shoots water or gel pellets, but they did not observe this activity.

Big oops: Wells Township police say a man told them he lost a black 9mm Smith & Wesson while walking in Jim Woods Park on Friday. City police checked the park and did not find it, and said residents there also reported not seeing an unowned gun.

Booked: Kayla Moore, 25, and Frank Scalise, 27, both of 1327 Maryland Ave., Steubenville, were arrested for domestic violence on Friday. Scalise told police they were arguing when Moore began behaving more aggressively towards him, kicking him into a table. Officers said he was bleeding from the nose and had scratches on his arms. Moore showed no visible injuries, although she claimed Scalise threw the table at her and punched her in the face.

Booked: Nicole A. Oxley, 39, 730 N. Seventh St., Steubenville, DUS, expired license plate and possession of drug paraphernalia, Friday. Oxley was taken into custody after police spotted her driving on Third Street with an expired plate. His license was also suspended and the vehicle had to be towed, and during inventory police said they discovered a backpack containing a metal crack pipe with a burnt chor boy on it.

Stolen: A Ross Street resident said his green and gray 10-speed bike was stolen on Saturday. He says he left it in front of his residence.

Help Unwanted: A disturbance was reported in the 100 block of North Fourth Street, but when they tried to verify the parties involved, the woman refused to open her door or identify herself. She said she and her boyfriend had a fight but it was fine.

Cited: Autumn S. Ayers, 32, 646 Prospect Ave., Steubenville, PRA, expired illegal plates;

Code issues: Notice of Violation sent to owner/occupant at 258 Norris St., large pile of building materials and what appeared to be old panels from interior walls of residence on street near railing, partially blocking driveway. Also at 308 Kingston Ave., 329 Kingston Ave., 3817 Stratford Blvd., 138 Butte St., all for tall grass/weed.

Booked: Brandon Kugler, 34, 533 Clinton Ave., Steubenville, obstruction and two counts of non-appearance, Saturday; Cathy Poole, 34, 134 Oregon Ave., No. 2, Steubenville, failure to appear, Saturday; Justin M. Brown, 33, 1408 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville, fugitive from justice, Saturday; Venetica C. Johnson, 30, 1408 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville, arrest warrant, Saturday; Amy Bartholomew, 37, 507 Lincoln Ave., Steubenville, possession of drug paraphernalia, Sunday. Barthélemy was discovered in front of a church, unresponsive. Firefighters administered Narcan. Police said the woman had two crack pipes in her possession.

Theft: A Market Street resident reported the theft of SSI electronic funds on Friday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Amber Grimes, 37, 9728 County Road 39, Bloomingdale’s, Methamphetamine Possession and OVI, Thursday.

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