Revisiting New Years Resolutions As 2022 Approaches


As the end of the year approaches, some students remember the New Years Resolutions they created in early 2021 as they prepare for 2022.

Alycen Berridge, a junior in elementary school, had a New Year’s resolution to relearn how to do the splits. She said she motivated herself to reach the goal because of the positive health effects of daily stretching.

“I had read an article that said stretching every night helped you sleep better,” Berridge said. “I finally noticed that I was starting to sleep better, and it had a positive impact on my life.”

Madison Fleming, a junior in interior design, hit her goal of swimming once a week. She said the hardest part of reaching her goal was managing time.

“The time commitment has been really tough for me with the rush of school and life,” Fleming said. “I think what motivated me to continue was how good I felt afterwards. It just made me feel a lot less stress and a lot less worry. “

According to, New Year’s resolutions date back to 200 BC in southern Mesopotamia, where people made New Year’s resolutions as part of their Akitu festival. The notion has grown in popularity since.

Although New Year’s resolutions have been around for a while, they can still be difficult for many to achieve. Grace Needham, a junior in marketing, said incorporating her New Year’s resolution to keep a daily journal into her schedule has helped her achieve her goal.

“My advice is to make it part of your daily schedule. It won’t happen if you don’t schedule it, ”Needham said. “You should practice something for 21 days, then it becomes [a] habit. I have found this to be true with journaling.

Berridge said it’s easier to achieve a goal with someone other than yourself.

“Pick one that you’re passionate about and want to do, otherwise you’re not going to stick with it,” Berridge said. “Get a friend to do it with you because then you have a responsibility to get you through this.”

Fleming said she was successful with her resolution because it helped her with her mental health.

“I think what motivated me to continue was how good I felt afterwards. It made me feel a lot less stress and a lot less worry, ”Fleming said. “Keep pushing, and if your resolution makes you happier and less stressed, keep pushing.”


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