Ricardo Bak Gordon designs residential renovation and restoration at Porto House 1


Architect Ricardo Bak Gordon designed the restoration and rehabilitation project for a villa built at the end of the 19th century near Port waterfront, Portugal. A measured and clear intervention, from the name given to the project, simply called “House 1”. The project, in fact, focuses on improving existing elements and creating a new path of experience in the domestic space of the house, transforming the original functions of some of the environments.

The original building was a bourgeois villa consisting of two main floors, an attic and a basement. The construction took place at the end of the 1800s on a plot of approximately 2200 square meters near the seafront of Porto.
The renovation project included the addition of new functions and the house now appears to consist of four inhabited floors, all characterized by generous openings to the outside. The transformation of the basement is particularly striking, a large space now available for the whole family and directly connected to the outside thanks to the paved area which becomes the link with the gardens.
For landscaping, the architect Ricardo Bak Gordon’s studio contacted BBV workshop. With its various elements such as the paved spaces, the paths, the trees and shrubs or the small vegetable garden, the gardens create a welcoming and relaxing landscape of which, over time, the house will also be part when its exterior walls are covered again. of ivy.
In direct continuity with the renovation, the interior has been transformed to enhance the spaces using earthy materials and colors, with Tadelakt plaster walls and oxidized brass fixtures.

(Agnes Bifulco)

Project name: HOUSE 1 PORTO
Location: Porto, Portugal

Architecture: Ricardo Bak Gordon www.bakgordon.com
Architectural coordination: Daniela Cunha
Collaboration: Catarina Farinha, Tânia Correia
Contractor: Matriz LDA – Sociedade de Construções
Supervision and project management: Buildgest
Atelier BBV (Landscape Architecture); A400 – Projetistas e Consultores de Engenharia, LDA (Foundations and structure / Hydraulics / Gas installations / Electricity, telecommunications, security / Mechanics and HVAC / Acoustics / Thermal)
Area: 530 m2 of construction area
Date: Project 2018 to 2019 (End of work 2021)

Photographs: Francisco Nogueira


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